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Attorney’s Guide to SEO Content Marketing

Discover The Power Of Search Engines. Attract And Convert Clients With Premium Quality Content Marketing

An ever-increasing number of law firms today recognize the significance of establishing their brand in the digital market. Historically, the majority of law firms' leads came from networking events, referrals, and traditional ad space channels such as billboards, Yellow Pages, etc. But this is rapidly changing. Without a solid online presence and a constantly updated content calendar, your firm may stand no chance to show up in Google searches. You may be losing new clients as we speak by only relying on outdated referral methods.


If you are looking at your competitors and wonder: how are they doing it? - the answer is simple: they realize how important dominating the conversation is in this competitive field.

The most successful lawyers are now trending on search engines and social media with content and have even established themselves as leaders in their field.  What do they have that you don't? Nothing- professionally speaking, they have the same level of experience; they offer the same services.

The only thing they do that you currently don't: they have learned how to leverage the power of content writing.


This has only been possible through Content Marketing campaigns that deliver engaging content while adhering to a long list of legal Content Marketing best practices. Without having professional, quality content on the digital landscape, your firm is risking going unnoticed.

Successful Legal Firms Apply Content Marketing On Their:

The Real Power Of Content Marketing

When your firm appropriately employees Content Marketing strategies for its online space, it puts forward an image of professionalism, authority, and expertise, which leads to trust and higher conversion rates.

The objectives of Content Marketing will differ. However, in order to be successful, your firm’s content should aim to achieve at least one of the following objectives:

  • Boost brand awareness

  • Create expertise and thought leadership

  • Create new leads and clients

  • Form an online community




Understanding Content Marketing And Its Correct Application

Depending on your goals and the needs of your target audience, the type of content you post will differ. When done correctly, Content Marketing can be an extremely beneficial addition to your digital marketing strategy.


Iris Writing International, and our expert team have been working with legal firms for over a decade. We can assure you that we have gained valuable experience on how to help your firm establish brand awareness, leadership and convert clients by offering high-performing content to your audience.

We ensure you that your online visitors will be reading valuable content that will assist them in not only gaining knowledge but also understanding your strong position in the industry, allowing them to choose you as a trusted authority on their legal matters.

Your story and experience must be accurately conveyed, and we will do so for you.

Let us show you how you can start ranking and how you can quickly become one of the “trending” presences online.

How Can You Outrank Your Competitors As A Legal Firm With An Online Presence?

If you're a new law firm and haven't taken full advantage of Content Marketing, you're missing out on online lead generation opportunities. Content Marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow your practice online. Your law firm’s Content Marketing is directly related to how well you rank on Google and whether you rank ahead of or behind a competitor, so you'll need to strategize to keep your firm ahead of the competition. Here are some of the best law firm’s Content Marketing strategies that your firm can use to stay ahead of your competitors:

  • Publish quality content consistently

  • Educate your visitor through your content

  • Link to authority cites

  • Include relevant keywords

  • Optimize your website for mobile use

To gain an advantage in online discoverability, look to Content Marketing experts with a track record in assisting law firms in generating more clients.

Your competitors are actively vying for the lucrative position at the top of search results. If your firm does not prioritize Content Marketing, you will miss out on significant opportunities to grow your practice.

How To Get Closer To The First Page Of Google With Quality Content?

Google is the all-powerful force for those attempting to drive organic traffic. It crawls the internet to determine which websites are the most valuable and relevant to its users based on value and SEO. The majority of the most successful legal firms rely on Google's results to build their client base and generate new leads.

With such immense power and influence, getting your legal firm to stand out during a Google search may appear challenging. However, the implementation of Content Marketing strategies activates your ability online to tap into Google's power that makes it more possible than ever for legal firms of all business sizes to rank higher and receive relevant traffic.

Without good content, SEO becomes irrelevant. While SEO can help boost your page higher, once the visitor clicks and cannot find value in your published content, they quickly exit and continue to search.

The great news is that Google is adjusting its algorithm to scan and identify high-quality content that answers visitors' questions to their websites.

More than any other technique, consistent, high-quality, and engaging content influences audience decision-making.

So how does your legal firm make that happen?

  • Publishing quality content that offers valuable information to establishes your credibility, build trust, and strengthens your reputation.

  • Maintaining the branding voice to create a professional online image

  • Participate on social media with content that drives people to interact with your firm and drives people on your website

  • Publish content that speaks to your audience by writing for humans (instead) of professionals

  • Emphasize your location

  • Include basic SEO good practices

  • Optimize your website for mobile use and a friendly user experience

  • Work with a professional agency to ensure that all of the above is covered

Why Understanding Your Audience Matters?

Understanding your audience allows you to determine what content and messages are essential to them. Knowing your audience will help you determine the appropriate tone and voice for your message once you've decided what to say.

Iris Writing International has worked with legal firms in various niches for over a decade. Our experience allows our team to understand the legal industry and how readers engage through content with legal firms.

The following are the business advantages of understanding your audience:

  • Arrange your marketing and content so that it is more likely to reach your target audience (s)

  • Create a vocabulary that will appeal to customers.

  • Be able to create meaningful content - Communicate with customers in an authentic voice and tone that supports your brand's identity

Understanding your audience is also advantageous to your customers/users:

  • They receive the content they require when and where they require it

  • They are addressed in a manner that is appealing to them

  • Their user experience is improved because all content decisions have been informed

How To Produce Amazing Content On A Limited Time?

Your content—what you have to say to the world and how you say it—is the most critical aspect of your online identity.
However, creating quality content is one of the most time-consuming activities for companies, especially legal firms. Why is it so challenging to create content? And why does it take a substantial amount of time to develop?

The term "content" is a misnomer. It's been done to death in recent years. There isn't a single definition. For some, "content" simply refers to text, blogs, and so on. Others define it as everything an organization puts out into the public sphere, regardless of where, how, or when.

However, whatever definition you use, "content" should all point to the authentic essence of your organization. Saying one thing online but being another in real, analog life is inconvenient and detrimental to your organization's goals. Taking the above into consideration, we can see how content creation is a massive undertaking.

For legal firms that do not internally employ a Content Marketing or digital marketing department producing fantastic content on a limited time is extremely challenging.

Working with a Content Agency allows you to focus on legal matters and client interactions. At the same time, the Content Agency creates great content to help your firm rank and convert more online traffic.

How Does Quality Content Win Over More Clients For Your Firm?

Legal firms make significant investments in developing Content Marketing strategies.


Content Marketing has been shown to be highly effective.

Content Marketing is a mission-critical growth method for most legal firms because it is one of the most effective methods of increasing audience engagement, developing your strong presence, and driving traffic to your website. Let's go over Content Marketing — the benefits of producing consistent, high-quality content and how to measure success — in more detail below.

Content Marketing is essential because it provides answers to your audience's questions. Content Marketing allows you to establish trust with your audience, increase conversions, connect with customers, and generate leads. Customers nowadays expect high-quality, consistent content from their favorite brands.

But, how do most of your clients find your services? There are two primary methods people decide what legal firm to work with.

  1. Word-of-mouth (which is always verified with an internet search)

  2. Search engines to find out who is active and successful in a specific area

Both these methods require content that will pull the potential client to engage with your firm.

  • What is your message?

  • How willing are you to help and listen to your clients?

  • What is your level of experience?

  • How active is your firm in the industry and how much do they invest in educating their potential clients through quality content?

Benefits of quality content:

  • Your audience will stay on your page longer, resulting in a higher probability to convert them to clients

  • Your firm will receive greater awareness and traction

  • Your audience will trust you more quickly, reducing any lag in their capacity to select you for representation

  • You will be perceived as an authority in the industry

  • You will convert and retain more clients

On the other hand, having no content strategy, social media and other online content available might be a red flag for the modern consumer who is now looking for confirmation online before making a decision.

Content Marketing Allows You To Establish Trust With Your Audience, Increase Conversions, Connect With Customers, And Generate Leads.


What Is SEO Content And What Is Content Marketing?

SEO stands for "search engine optimization." It is the method utilized to increase the quantity and quality of website traffic, as well as brand exposure, through non-paid (also known as "organic") search engine results by using keywords that people prefer to use when searching for specific content.

Despite the definition, SEO is also about people and about search engines. It's about identifying what people are looking for online, what answers they want, what words they're using, and what kind of content they wish to consume. Knowing the answers to these questions will enable you to connect with people looking for the solutions you provide online.

Knowing your audience's intent is one side of the SEO coin; the other is delivering so search engine crawlers can find and understand.

Content Marketing is a marketing method that entails creating and disseminating valuable, relevant, and consistent content in order to attract and acquire the right audience – with the goal of driving profitable customer action.

Content Marketing is essential because it provides answers to your audience's questions. Content Marketing allows you to establish trust with your audience, increase conversions, connect with customers, and generate leads. Consistent content shows your credibility, fosters trust and fortifies your reputation.

In general, combining SEO and Content Marketing will help your website rank higher and be discovered by more users. However, SEO has recently shifted to focus on keywords, with quality content falling to second place. SEO firms will automate everything that crunches numbers. At the same time, Content Marketing focuses on providing value in order to elevate your company as an authority in the legal industry. The quality of writing and the value of the content are important considerations for Content Marketing agencies.

In the end, regardless of ranking, if a user visits a page and finds no relevant information, they will quickly exit and continue to see other pages until they find what they are looking for.

At Iris Writing International, we are committed to providing legal firms with a voice connecting them with their target audience. We concentrate on exclusive, one-of-a-kind, and informative content to ensure that you are the go-to page for any future information your traffic requires.

What Is User Intent And Why It Works To Help You Convert Visitors To Clients?

Today's marketing is centered on the customer.

Top-performing businesses are obsessed with giving their customers exactly what they want. In fact, they must do so in order to succeed.

However, what does customer-centrism imply in terms of 'search'? Furthermore, how does this relate to the concept of 'user intent'?

Search engine optimization entails more than just technical considerations. It is more than just keywords or high-quality content. Getting traffic that converts entails providing exactly what your target reader is looking for.

Although it may appear obvious, this point is frequently overlooked. All content creators should prioritize 'User Intent.' It results in significantly higher rankings and conversion rates. It also determines whether visitors stay to read your content or click 'back' to the search engine result page (SERP) to find a better answer.

Utilizing User Intent as a strategy for search engine optimization has become very popular. This is understandable. If you can determine the customer's informational intent, you will be able to deliver content that meets that informational need. As a result, there is more and better traffic.

With that essential understanding of user intent, how do we apply it to conversion optimization?

Customer intent is primarily concerned with marketing. It is more specifically about conversion optimization. Meeting a user's intent entails producing content that is optimized for conversions.

What we need to do now is put it into practice in specific and tactical ways.

  1. Determine the queries that lead users to your website

  2. Recognize the purpose of those queries

For over a decade, our team of experts has been creating content for law firms. We have a thorough understanding of what people are looking for and what they hope to accomplish when they visit your website. Our team will provide our firm with content that satisfies User Intent and aids in converting traffic into potential clients.

What Will Help Your Company More, SEO Or Content Marketing?

Content Marketing and SEO are both critical components of digital strategy. 75% of users do not scroll past the first page of Google search engine results pages (SERPs). Including SEO in your Content Marketing strategy will yield positive results and is required for businesses to compete in today's digital landscape. However, without strong quality Content Marketing content, most users click out of the page (even if it shows first in results) to continue to look for answers.

Therefore, while SEO is critical to place rankings higher on the search engine results, it does not translate to conversions and engagement. Numerous studies and statistics have demonstrated that publishing optimized content is the most effective way to generate visibility and qualified organic traffic. Websites with blogs, for example, have 434 percent more indexed pages than those that do not publish content regularly. Furthermore, companies that consistently publish content receive 3.5 times more web traffic than those that do not. At the end of the day, the reason people read your blog and come back for more is because you publish original material, use your brand's voice, and provide important information to your audience.

Publishing optimized content is the most effective way to generate visibility and qualified organic traffic.

What Is Authority Content And How We Integrated It With Your Content Marketing Strategy?

Authority is not some mystical force that people possess or do not possess. It is founded on real, tangible elements that you can construct or acquire to establish yourself in that position. Simply put, authority content is the act of creating these elements and promoting them in a smart, systematic, and scalable manner.

In other words, the act of consistently creating and distributing helpful information and stories to gain the attention, engage, and influence a clearly defined audience to identify who would benefit from your products and services is defined as authority content.

What Is A High Performing Website Structure And User Experience That Elevates Ranking And Conversions?

A good site structure should is comprised of group content that is topically related together. Emphasize your most important pages. Maintain a logical hierarchy of content while keeping it simple. Site structure, also known as website architecture, refers to how your website is designed or how different pages on your website are linked to providing an excellent user experience. This is important not only from the standpoint of the user but also for search engine optimization.

The structure of a website is the result of careful planning and organization. Therefore, it is an essential aspect of Content Marketing Strategy and should be completed prior to creating your website. However, if your website is already live, you can always rework the design and improve the structural organization by recruiting the help of Content Marketing and SEO experts. In addition, it can make navigation easier for both users and crawlers.

Internal linking is a vital Content Marketing and SEO technique that allows you to connect one webpage on your website to another. This improves the user experience by allowing the users to access essential pages with fewer clicks. In addition, implementing an effective internal linking strategy can aid in the flow of link juice within the domain. The result is that your website will rank higher on the SERPs.

Our experts emphasize the importance of including internal links in your content to help readers navigate from one page to the next while keeping them engaged. Keeping users on your website for more extended periods of time increases your chances of converting them to customers.

What Is Search Engine Compliance In Content Marketing, And How It Helps Ensures That You Are Aligned With All The Search Engine Requirements?

Being search engine compliant allows your pages to be indexed more precisely, resulting in improved usability. This is because one of Google's and other search engines' primary goals is finding, retrieving, and displaying relevant content. As a result, SEO-compliant sites can be properly ranked and indexed, which means more (and better) traffic.

Content quality plays a leading role in search engine compliance for many reasons, but the main reason is content quality is important because Google considers it to be so. Pleasing Google and other search engines will benefit your company because you will get rewarded with more traffic.

How does Google demonstrate its preference for high-quality content?

The importance of quality content is addressed in the Google Webmaster Guidelines.

The first and most apparent way Google insists on high-quality content is by telling us so. As a result, webmaster Tools are brimming with information that emphasizes the importance of valuable content.

Here is a list of things you are advised to avoid:

  • Content that is generated automatically

  • Taking part in link schemes

  • Making pages with little or no unique content

Make sure your pages, especially your homepage, have high-quality content. This is the most important thing you can do. If your pages contain useful information, they will attract a large number of visitors and entice webmasters to link to your site. Write pages that clearly and accurately describe your topic when creating a useful, information-rich site. Consider the words that users would use to find your pages and include them on your site.


The fact that Google employs human raters to assess the quality of websites might not be widely known. These human raters adjust the algorithm to identify high- and low-quality features.


Google has a document known as the Quality Rater Guidelines, which is widely known in the search community. This document essentially discusses the characteristics of good and poor quality. The document's importance lies not so much in its details as it does in its overall message.


The message is clear: Google values high-quality content. Moreover, it cares enough to employ a small army of raters capable of identifying quality and reporting their findings to Google.

Why Working With An Agency Is Vital?

Before we get into the specifics and benefits of a content agency, consider the following scenario:

When a company wants to build new company offices, they hire architects, engineers, and other experts to design a safe, functional, and high-quality structure to house their products and services. Similarly, a website is a digital structure that requires experts to ensure quality content, which serves as the website's window front and "salesperson."

When creating your website representing your company regionally and nationwide, you will likely need a developer team for the technical structure, UX designers for the visual design, and eventually, Content Marketing to populate it with content that helps your users understand your services connect with your firm.

If you've ever read marketing content (which you probably have if you have ever been online), you've probably noticed that it was clean, easy to understand, and provides you with important information. Maybe you found it interesting enough to dig further and continue learning more about a specific subject.

However, getting to that point necessitates more than just writing a few blog posts and posting photos on social media. Content Marketing requires a high level of technical knowledge. This is why it is vital to work with experts. An agency will properly define your branding voice in a way that your readers can understand, therefore getting the most value from their experience on your website. Decades of expertise from a content agency is critical to ensure quality and strategy.

Another way to clarify the power of professional Content Marketing is to see it as a method of inbound marketing that focuses on attracting customers through non-intrusive means. Iris Writing International understands what your audience needs and make the message your firm needs to propagate easy to understand and digest.

Our experts will create a content campaign for you, conduct all necessary research, implement all necessary technical knowledge, and ensure that you are professionally represented. If you don't have a fully-staffed marketing department, you might want to think about partnering with us. Working with an agency has vital advantages.

Even if your company already has a marketing department, Iris Writing International can assist you. We handle tasks that your in-house team does not have time to complete. Our expert assistance will also allow you to expand your marketing capabilities without incurring the expense of hiring additional employees.

Because an agency is outsourced, which takes much responsibility off your shoulders, getting results from a good content strategy can take some time. This, however, pales in comparison to the time it takes to hire and train new employees. We will provide you with all of the expertise you require to launch your marketing campaigns.

Benefits Of Working With A Content Marketing Agency 

  • Expertise is available immediatelyYou gain immediate access to all of the skills required to run marketing campaigns. There is no need to hire multiple marketing professionals.

  • Lower costs: You can save money on salaries and overhead by outsourcing some or all of your marketing tasks. If your agency collaborates with software providers, you may even save money on marketing software.

  • Sales assistance: A Content Marketing agency is a group of creative individuals. They can help your firm by creating branded sales decks, leave-behinds, one-pagers, email scripts, brochures and more, in addition to implementing your marketing strategy.

  • New perspectives: To break through with your marketing, you may need to come up with new ideas from time to time. Getting an outside perspective on your strategy can help you identify areas for improvement.

  • Save time: Because you are not directly managing your agency team, you will reap the benefits of marketing without the time constraints that come with oversight. All you need to do is check in with your Content Marketing agency's point of contact on a regular basis to see how your strategy is progressing.

The Iris Writing International Approach

We are deeply committed to assisting brands in discovering their creative voice. As a full-service content firm, we are dedicated with seeing brands succeed as a result of great writing. We have witnessed many companies grow as a result of great content. Our culture is based on a team of well-vetted writers from a variety of genres. We make a point of hiring writers who are experts in multiple fields rather than just expert writers. One of our biggest specialties is content for legal firms, and we have an arsenal of tools and writers ready to elevate your voice to engage with a bigger audience. We have one goal and that is to ensure that our clients are better off as a result of their decision to work with us. We focus on creating your personalized content strategy for success, and we want to make your life easier.​

Our well-vetted team has been trained for legal content and can deliver informative, professional, engaging, and well-researched content for the firm. We have the figures and the results to show. We have helped our clients for years to set themselves apart from competitions. We work quickly and efficiently. Iris Writing International provides consultations to ensure that we are the best fit for your company. Our packages are tailored to meet all content requirements. We are your one-stop-shop for all things content.

Iris Writing International will develop material utilizing a set of professional tools that other content creators do not use. These techniques help us understand the internet debate regarding legal issues and how other large companies that spend tens of thousands of dollars on Content Marketing systems rank. We can help your company rank for a fraction of the price.

Creating successful content has become our trademark as a result of decades of global collective experience. Our entire team goes above and beyond simply writing content – we are consultants and friends to our clients, providing a full-service content experience.

What Are The Benefits Of A Quality Content Strategy For A Legal Firm?

The legal industry is complicated, and few law firms take the time to create useful content for their clients. As a result, incorporating strong content into your law firm's marketing strategy can assist your firm in standing out, becoming easily recognized as an industry leader, and attracting more clients.

1. Displaying Your Expertise To Search Engines

The legal industry is so complex that few people fully comprehend its complexities. Common knowledge about law is not taught, and most of its concepts require years of specialized education to grasp. As a result, depending on your firm's specialization, there is a significant need for content that can easily communicate the issues and the essential information to your audiences, such as immigration, adoption, divorce, commercial building titles, and more. People who land on your website will appreciate and are likely to remember your firm—and seek out legal services from—your law firm because they will regard your firm as a trusted source of information due to law firm marketing.

2. Getting In Touch With People Looking For The Legal Services You Provide

Content Marketing for law firms is an excellent way to explain your services to prospective clients thoroughly. Blog posts dedicated to each service allow you to explain the process behind each one. An immigration attorney, for example, may have a post explaining how to obtain a work visa for the United States, including how to qualify, what type of documentation is required, what fees are necessary, and what to expect from the application process. Providing comprehensive overviews of complex legal subjects makes potential clients feel more confident in your ability as a professional to fight for their success.

3. Developing A Positive Reputation Among Your Target Audience

Quality content contributes to your law firm's reputation as a reliable source of information in the industry. Keeping information current, citing established sources of information, and writing in a clear, intelligent manner all contribute to readers' impression that they are receiving the best information possible. This not only encourages them to return to your site for more information in the future, but it also encourages many of them to become clients if they ever require legal services. Building trust with readers also aids your law firm in establishing a better reputation among competitors. As your content and law firm marketing strategy becomes more valuable and your client list grows, your law firm will likely be viewed as an industry leader who understands what people need today and how to provide that information effectively.

4. Getting A Higher Position In Search Results

Search engines can detect high-quality content based on its length, traffic volume, and other metrics, so it is critical for businesses (and law firms) to create content that helps them stand out thoughtfully. In the first place, search engine optimization can assist law firms in developing this content. Next, your law firm can post content related to those words on its website by researching which keywords people most frequently use in their search queries to find information. This method of matching your content to user requests serves two purposes.

First, your site will rank higher because it will more closely match the "words" people use to find information. Second, your site will be perceived as more credible, thanks in part to the high ranking and in part to the fact that people will find the exact information they are looking for on your website. Careful research and planning, combined with an effective law firm marketing plan, can thus help your firm not only rank higher but also continue to improve its reputation.

5. Increasing The Number Of Visitors To Your Website

High rankings come with an added benefit: increased web traffic. The majority of web users do not scroll past the first page of search results. They frequently consider the results on the first page to be the most relevant and thus do not sift through additional pages of results to find what they require.


Therefore, ranking on the first page of search results can significantly increase traffic. The quality of your content can also aid in the growth of your traffic. People who find your website helpful will most likely recommend it to others who are looking for similar information. Recommendations from trusted friends carry weight and can be a winning endorsement that nets you a new client. As a bonus, sites with consistent traffic tend to maintain high rankings in search results.

6. Increasing Brand Awareness

People who remember your website are more likely to become clients when they need legal assistance. Creating brand awareness can be as simple as sharing popular posts on social media so that others can share, comment on, or simply see them in their news feeds. Brand awareness can also be developed by sending out newsletters a few times per month to ensure that your company remains a constant presence in the minds of your subscribers. People who can quickly recognize your brand and associate it with helpful, informative, and engaging content are more likely to become clients because they will not have to conduct additional research to find a trustworthy law firm.

Do You Specialize In Various Legal Niches?

Yes, out expert team of writers has experience in:​

  • Administrative law

  • Adoption law

  • Agency law

  • Alcohol law

  • Alternative dispute resolution

  • Animal law

  • Antitrust law (or competition law)

  • Banking law

  • Bankruptcy law (creditor debtor rights law or insolvency and reorganization law)

  • Business law (or commercial law); commercial litigation

  • Civil law or common law

  • Class action litigation/Mass tort litigation

  • Communications law

  • Constitutional law

  • Construction law

  • Consumer law

  • Contract law

  • Copyright law

  • Corporate law (or company law), also corporate compliance law

  • Criminal law

  • Custom (law)

  • Defamation

  • Drug control law

  • Education law

  • Employment law

  • Family law

  • Financial services regulation law

  • Health and safety law

  • Insurance law

  • Intellectual property law

  • Labour law (or Labor law)

  • Landlord–tenant law​

  • Litigation

  • Medical law

  • Mining law

  • Patent law

  • Privacy law

  • Procedural law

  • Property law

  • Real estate law

  • Tax law

  • Transport law / Transportation law

  • Trusts & estates law

How Do I Get Started?

The first step is to check out or popular packages by visiting our e-shop and purchasing the package that best suits your needs. You can always upgrade or downgrade according to your needs.

If you are unsure what the best option is, you can book a one-hour consultation session with one of our specialists. The cost for the consultation is at $150 per hour. During the session we will discuss the best solution for your legal firm. Customized solutions are always available.

To book your consultation you can email us at or 

To go straight to the e-shop click here.


FAQs For Content Marketing And SEO

Content Marketing & SEO Questions

Why Do You Need Content Marketing As A Legal Firm?

What is the current relationship between Content Marketing and law firms? Like any other industry, leading law firms use Content Marketing to build their brand, attract new clients, and grow their revenue.

With so many other law firms producing new content on a daily basis, how do you ensure that your potential clients will choose to read your content over that of your competitors?

You might be worried that if you are providing free expert insights and answers to potential clients' legal questions, won't that make them less likely to hire my law firm?

No. Instead, they are more likely to decide to work with you.

The fact is that each legal case and issue is unique, and your content cannot and should not be used to replace legal advice. However, by providing helpful information that is just enough to answer a potential client's initial questions, you position your law firm as an expert and authority on a specific issue or topic, which effectively builds trust with your potential clients.


Over 80% of today's consumers conduct online research before deciding, and search engines are one of the first places they look. You can help your law firm's website rank higher in search engine results by publishing valuable content that includes relevant keywords that your potential clients are searching for. This makes it easier for people to find your practice online. Today's search engines are sophisticated enough to distinguish between websites that provide genuine value to users and those that manipulate search rankings.

Google will end up rewarding your website with a higher search engine ranking if you consistently publish content that delivers valuable, relevant information that people are looking for when they search. When you increase the visibility and ranking of your law firm's website in search results, you can effectively increase website traffic and generate more leads, which will eventually convert into more clients and revenue for your practice. It has been discovered that inbound marketing approaches such as Content Marketing can save businesses up to $20,000 per year on advertising while also generating more quality leads that provide real value to businesses.

To simplify the reasons what content is important consider the following two points:

  • Reach More Potential Clients

Good content is engaging, readable, and easily shared. That means readers will want to share it with their friends, family, and followers. Someone who isn't actively looking for your law firm might come across it through another source.


  • Establish Your Firm As Niche Experts

Blogging establishes you as an expert in the eyes of your clients and peers. A blog allows you to connect with prospective clients on a more personal level. Law firms that have professional blogs appear more knowledgeable than those that do not. Clients want to entrust their case to the most experienced attorney.

A blog can also be used to effectively promote your practice among your peers. Consider blogging to be a form of networking. It can be used to connect with new colleagues or to strengthen existing ones. By sharing your own and others' content, you add value to your own and others' law firms.

How Does Content Turn Readers Into Customers?

According to the Content Marketing Institute, exceptional Content Marketing increases conversion rates by 600%. Marketing's present and future are in Content Marketing. It is more efficient, compelling, subtly persuasive, and less costly. However, Content Marketing, like any other strategy, requires tactics, persistence, and consistency to be effective.


Conversion rate optimization isn't a one-time event. To increase conversion rates, marketers must continuously improve content assets so that they resonate with their target audience.


Your company's Content Marketing strategy begins with educating customers and shedding light on their pains, gains, and solutions through high-quality content. Then, your content tactics move high-potential customers down the funnel from one level to the next, from first contact to attracting customers, conversion, customer acquisition, and retention. As a result, you have new people visiting your company's website and converting them to become new and prospective customers in the Convert Stage.


For example, Call To Action content serves as the visual bait that will entice new customers. Therefore, make sure your landing page adheres to best practices and details the specific offer that new customers and clients expect to see.


The most important aspect of the Close Stage is converting the lead into a customer. This is the stage where leads spend the most time because there is so much interaction in content going on, from online marketing to deal closing.


Lastly you want them to become brand ambassadors, speaking highly of your company. When developing Content Marketing to reach potential customers at each stage, marketers must consider what each lead requires at this point in the customer journey.


Your prospective customers are just becoming aware of their problems at the top of the funnel. Content, such as blogs, social media posts, and infographics can help educate them and provide them with the information they need to determine which type of solution may be beneficial.

Leads are evaluating their product or solution options in the middle of the funnel. During this stage, content such as Webinars and white papers are intended to educate leads on their various options to begin to narrow their choices and move closer to a final purchasing decision.


When leads reach the bottom of the funnel, they are ready to become customers. Content such as product demos and case studies are intended to give customers a final nudge of encouragement and empower them to decide.


Iris Writing International assists your company in developing a customized content strategy to maximize conversion. These four stages form the foundation of your Content Marketing methodology and are cost-effective regardless of whether you focus on B2B or B2C legal content.

How Often Should Your Legal Firm Publish Blogs And New Content?

Blogging has a direct impact on the traffic to law firm websites.

According to what we have observed as well as what some studies have published, legal firms that publish at least 11 or more blog posts per month outperform those that publish fewer posts. In fact, they performed three times better than companies that posted one or fewer times per month and twice as well as companies that posted up to five times per month. Again, our observations and experiences strongly support that data.


Bogging increases the number of inbound leads (leads that contact the business). The more blog posts you write, the more leads you will generate. In our experience, this is also directly applicable to law firms.


As we have seen time and again, the bottom line is that the more legal firms publish blog content, the better they do in terms of generating new business. Therefore, building and maintaining an active legal blog is, in fact, the best thing a lawyer can do for their law firm.

Some legal firms maintain just the bare minimum when it comes to their content strategy. In such cases, we tend to be asked frequently why their SEO and content strategy is not working.

There are no magical solutions or tricks here. One of the best ways to improve your search engine ranking is to regularly post quality content on your blog. You'll need to provide content regularly, whether it's one or two posts per day or several times per week.

Do You Need Social Media Content?

Nowadays, it appears that everyone is on social media. It's where we go to congratulate our friends on their major life events, wish them happy birthday (don't pretend that most of the time you remember birthdays because of social media), and look for ideas or reviews on products and services we are considering using.

If a potential customer is considering purchasing a particular product or service and notices that there is zero social media representation, it is generally a red flag. On the other hand, a company with active social media appears current and eager to engage and educate its audience.

Social media is also where most businesses go to advertise their services and connect with their target audience.

Social media for lawyers has numerous advantages, from connecting with potential clients to advertising your legal services. You can use the power of social media for your company by consulting with us regarding your social media content campaign.

Lawyers should use social media for a variety of reasons. First, your customers are spending a lot of time on social media. Currently, approximately 3.8 billion people use social media. Every day, these people spend an average of 2 hours and 24 minutes on social media.

Furthermore, approximately 54% of consumers use social media to research before making a purchase. Therefore, a potential client will look at your social media before deciding to contact you.

Furthermore, 71% of consumers who have a positive social media experience with a business will recommend the business to friends and family.

These statistics all point to the same conclusion and that is if you don't have a social media presence, you're missing out on valuable leads and referrals for your business. Therefore, it is time to jump on board.

In other words, yes, legal firms are strongly advised to have active social media accounts.

Do You Need to Promote Your Content?

The best content on the web, in theory, should be self-sustaining; sooner or later, people do discover it, and if it's good enough, they'll share it with their friends, colleagues, and family members, causing it to explode in popularity.


However, depending on where you stand with your overall digital marketing approach, you'll want to take control of the situation by promoting it when you publish your best content. Several methods for accomplishing this include publishing your work on social media, constructing backlinks to it with offsite posts, and even paying for advertising.


Content Marketing does better when integrated with other strategies. Content Marketing is an excellent marketing strategy on its own, but it truly shines when combined with different marketing strategies. If you are looking to get the most out of it, try mixing it with tactics like SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, and paid advertising. These related strategies tend to feed off each other's momentum and can help you gradually build a more comprehensive web presence.

How Does the Iris Writing International Process Work?

If you are unsure about the content requirements for your legal company, you can email us or complete the online form. We will contact you via email to provide you with the first line of information. We can then arrange a call for a one-hour consultation at the rate of $150 per hour.

This is the greatest alternative for prospective clients who are unsure of what they want to do with their content.

*The consultation charge will be waived if a contract for services is signed.


However, we strongly recommend that you browse our most popular bundles in our e-shop. The packages were created with legal firms in mind and are the most popular selections for our legal clients. Once your purchase is complete, one of our specialists will contact you to initiate the procedure.

How Much Do Your Services Cost And What Are Your Payment Terms?

To see our packages for Legal content, click here.

We work with pre-paid bundles or can create a custom payment plan for larger companies who require a lot of content or want to revamp their website. If you need further guidance regarding payment terms and options email us at or


Regarding payment methods we work with PayPal Invoicing, Venmo, Zelle, ACH, or TransferWise.

Our Prospective Clients Are Not Lawyers, Can You Make The Information More Understandable For The Average Person?

Yes, our expert writers have been servicing legal firms for over a decade, and we have developed the perfect delivery method for legal content.

Legal content must be simplified for your audience as it is a highly complex subject.

According to psychologist Kevin Dutton, your prospects are bombarded with 400 persuasive messages per day. Furthermore, according to research, 81 percent of the content online contains more complex content than necessary, resulting in audiences tuning out, glossing over, and moving on.

We understand the importance of writing with a specific audience in mind.

Our team of experts knows that:

People Prefer And Trust Simplicity

Simple messaging conveys more credibility than ever. A series of five studies conducted at Stanford University discovered that people consistently trust content strength and accuracy when written in more straightforward language.

Many of today's most influential, trusted messages, from advertising to politics to sales and marketing, can be summed up in a single word. Just one word!

What companies come to mind when you hear the words "search" and "priceless"? Did you consider Google and MasterCard? That's a strong statement.

Keeping it simple shows respect to your audience that is already bombarded with content daily from all over the place.

As a Content Marketing agency, we want to emphasize that being simple does not imply sacrificing quality. On the contrary, we make sure that the content we deliver is simple to understand while also adding value to the reader's life.

People Do Not Appreciate Wasting Their Time On Fluff

We see many meaningless, irrelevant phrases and sentences, also known as fluff, in sales and marketing content. And it's not difficult to see why. Fluff is a comfort blanket, a quick way to fill a page with good-sounding "substance." But, unfortunately, this more-is-better mentality almost always leaves a negative impression.

According to a recent study of sales presentations, 75% of prospects dislike "gushy" content. But things get worse; 99 percent of those prospects will not bother to stop you if they are irritated by it. Instead, they'll just sit there, annoyed and uninterested.

Furthermore, according to a Persuasion Institute study, fluff causes 93 percent of prospects to misunderstand at least one part of your message, with the majority never seeking clarification. They are ultimately frustrated and perplexed, which is not a recipe for persuasion.

Because your prospects are busy people, they want to get the information they need quickly and move on. Therefore, they prefer that you keep things simple. As part of our content review process, we take the time to remove any unnecessary jargon, empty claims, and weak verbs.


People's Short Term Memory Is Limited

When it comes to brain activity, you'd be surprised at how limited your prospects' short-term memories are when they read or listen to your information. According to research conducted by the Persuasion Institute, while the average company communicates 6-8 features/benefits of their service to prospects, only 1-3 are retained. Worse, 40% of prospects remember an incorrect feature/benefit, and 30% remember a feature/benefit that was never mentioned.

Because your prospects process a lot of information from you and your competitors, especially during the research process, we keep the focus of your content to a few key messages — the most essential benefits your prospects will receive by working with you.

Does Iris Writing International Provide Design Services, Social Media Services And Other Content Related Services?

Iris Writing International is a full-service content agency.

We provide content for:

  • Blogs

  • Websites

  • Newsletters

  • Landing pages

  • Email campaigns

  • Social Media

  • White papers

  • Case studies

We also provide:

  • Illustration and design services

  • Video services

  • Infographics

  • Social media design plus content

To see our full range of services, click here.

To check out our legal packages click here.

Why Does Our Agency Achieve Incredible Results For Legal Firms When Compared With To An Exclusive SEO Agency?

We make sure that all of our clients' websites are filled with high-quality, high-performing content that users enjoy reading.

We strive to provide value with every piece of content we provide to law firms.

Having said that, SEO and Content Marketing are both important digital marketing tools to have. Your chances of success online will skyrocket if you can use both effectively. Therefore, our company places a strong emphasis on Content Marketing while also adhering to SEO best practices.

SEO agencies that focus solely on automated SEO practices that can help a page rank do not necessarily focus on providing valuable content, which the reader is looking for.

Your prospective customers use search engines to find the products and services they require—this is the heart of inbound marketing. They're busy people, just like you! Don't expect them to go very far down the search results pages. The percentage of searchers who go beyond the first page of results for most products and services is small. Your company might be losing potential customers if it does not have strong content that provides value to the readers. Quality content allows you to sell your legal services to a larger market and increase your lead generation opportunities.

What is more important, of course, is learning how to use them correctly.

Does The Hosting Environment, IP Address, Or Dedicated IP Affect The Ranking Success Of A Law Firm Website?

Ok, this question is a bit more technical, but we had a few clients that inquired about IP address relevance, web–hosting, etc. Therefore, we decided to dedicate a small part of our FAQ section to address this question. A common question and concern that every webmaster, website creator, and developer faces daily are IP addresses for their website. So, how do we effectively and answer the question, "Does IP affect SEO and Google Rankings?"

Firstly, we should define an IP address. Everyone, whether we realize it or not, has seen an IP address. IP stands for "Internet Protocol," and domain names use these IP addresses to redirect visitors to their website's content. The DNS system is used to resolve IP addresses. Consider the DNS system to be a massive registry that contains all of the domain names and the IP addresses that accompany the domain names. 

What is a dedicated IP?

A web hosting server may have multiple IP addresses responsible for various functions such as web service, mail service, malware protection service, web proxies, CDN, etc. When one IP address on the server is assigned to your domain name and all of its associated services, this IP address is referred to as "dedicated."

You will typically have a dedicated IP address when you use a Cloud SSD VPS or Dedicated CPU solution. These solutions are considered "premium" in the hosting world, and one of their benefits is the inclusion of a dedicated IP address.

It's a myth that having a dedicated IP address boosts your organic search rankings. Search engines understand how the web works better than anyone else, and they are well-versed in shared hosting. Today, most websites are served from a swarm of IP addresses, which is perfectly fine.

Does hosting affect your ranking?

No, where you host your website makes no difference in how you rank. However, having reliable hosting is important. While having your site down should not significantly impact your rankings, it can lead to a negative impact on the users' experience.

When a person tries to visit your site repeatedly and it is unavailable, they will simply not return. This can have a negative impact on your bounce rate and search engine CTR.

Do You Use SEO In Your Content?

Yes, we do.

It is not a matter of choosing between SEO and Content Marketing. It is a matter of how we increase the visibility the high-performing content we create for your company through solid SEO practices.

We bring SEO and Content Marketing together by:

Creating Content With Search Engines In Mind

This does not imply that we stuff your content with keywords like it's 2005. Instead, it entails that we are aware of how a search engine operates. A search engine attempts to determine the topic of a page or blog and then categorizes it accordingly. Our team has worked with many legal firms, and we have a clear road map when we create content for legal firms.


Creating Continual Content

Although this is primarily a Content Marketing strategy, there is some SEO in there as well. How often you publish new content is one of the main factors that search engines consider. If you have neglected your Content Marketing or are just getting started with content creation, establishing a content publication schedule can be highly beneficial. Your agency will design the schedule for you.

Each new piece of content not only indicates that your company is still active and relevant but also adds more keywords and content to your website, making it easier for additional traffic to find you. This also contributes to your authority, as more articles on various topics and subtopics are written.

SEO comes in to ensure that your site's content is balanced and that you are not relying too heavily on one aspect of your business while ignoring others that require attention.

Examining The Value Of Your Links

Getting linkbacks from "bad neighborhoods" does very little for your SEO and can even be harmful in some cases.

SEO can assist your website in determining which neighborhoods are most desirable for your purposes and which you would prefer not to be caught in. It is not only about link monitoring, but it is an integral part of the process. After all, a link to your legal site from a clothing website is unlikely to be regarded as highly relevant.

As a result, good Content Marketing combined with proper SEO can quickly get you into a better neighborhood.

When your content begins to appear higher in search engine results, which many people use to find high-quality information sources, you will notice an increase in your backlink count. As more important and reputable sites begin to link to you, search engine algorithms will recognize this and reward the rankings of your pages accordingly.

What Are Backlinks And Do I Need Them?

Backlinks are created when one website refers back to your website – think of it as virtual word of mouth. These inbound links can originate from a variety of sources. For example, they could include guest posts on other blogs, mentions in news articles, or a link to shareable content on your website.

Do you need backlinks?


Here are the benefits of backlinks:


Backlinks Assist Search Engines In Finding You

Backlinks, as previously stated, function as virtual word of mouth for your website. The more backlinks you can obtain from high-quality domains pointing to your website, the better.

In essence, this is how Google discovers your website on the internet among the billions of others. As a result, it is critical that building your backlink profile is part of your overall SEO strategy. If your site has no backlinks, it will take longer to be found, indexed, and appear on search results pages.


Backlinks Increase The Authority And Reputation Of Your Domain

Google wants to know that a site that appears on the first page of its search results is of high quality and authoritative. One factor it considers is the number of backlinks you have. You're probably wondering, "How many backlinks do I need to get on the first page?"

However more backlinks do not equal higher rankings. As previously stated, quality backlinks are more important than quantity, so concentrate your efforts on obtaining high-quality backlinks from trustworthy websites.

Backlinks Increase The Number Of Visitors To Your Website

A larger audience is always preferable. More referral traffic to your site means that more people will see your products and services and are more likely to hire your company.

This is the most basic of the benefits of backlinking, but it is also one of the most important.

How Do Search Engines Find You And Is There Anything You Can Do To Be Found Faster?

Search engines are automated answer machines. They exist to discover, understand, and organize the internet's content in order to provide the most relevant answers to searchers' questions.

Search engines perform three main functions:

  • Crawling means searching the Internet for content and inspecting the code/content for each URL found.

  • Indexing is defined as the process of storing and organizing the content discovered during the crawling process. When a page is added to the index, it is eligible to be displayed as a result of relevant queries.

  • Ranking means providing the pieces of content that are most likely to answer a user’s query, showing results from most relevant to least relevant.

Crawling is a process where search engines use a team of robots (known as crawlers or spiders) to find new and updated content. Content can take many forms (image, video, PDF, blog, new website content, etc.). — but regardless of the format, content is discovered through links. For example, Googlebot starts by retrieving a few web pages and then following the links on those pages to find new URLs. The crawler discovers new content and adds it to their Caffeine index — a massive database of discovered URLs — to be retrieved later when a user is looking for information that the content on that URL is a good match for.

Search engines process and store information they discover in an index, a massive database of all the content they've found and deemed suitable for serving to searchers.

When a user goes online and makes a search engine request, search engines scour their index for the most relevant content. Search engines then order that content in the hopes of answering the searcher's query. The requesting of search results based on relevance is referred to as ranking, based on relevance. In general, the higher a website ranks, the more relevant the search engine believes that website is to the query.

For faster results, speak with us, and we will evaluate your website to see what needs to be done from a Content Marketing and SEO perspective to help your firm be found faster by users.

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