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10 Essential Types of Content to Include in Your Content Strategy This Year

Variety adds value to your web content!

With a broader range of content in the mix, you’ll be able to get the attention of a wider audience. Content marketing is your answer to all challenges of the modern business world, especially in the backdrop of the pandemic, as more and more people seek solutions on the internet, whether they're looking for local services or products delivered to their doorsteps.

The actual goal of your content marketing strategy is to:

· Showcase your brand’s utility and value

· Exhibit how your business can solve the problems of your clients

· Show how your brand aligns perfectly with the needs and wants of the customers

But not all clients and customers will be looking for a single type of content. Some may be drawn towards a blog, others may be looking for a how-to guide, and yet others may be interested in what your past customers have to say. And it goes beyond textual content; your content marketing strategy should encompass all the in-demand elements of content creation to get the best results.

10 Essential Types of Content To Focus On

Here is our rundown of the most effective types of content that you should prioritize for your online business marketing strategy:

#1) Blogs & Articles

Text-based content, especially blogs, will not run out of fashion anytime soon. Not only do blogs and articles appear authoritative but are also easily relatable, i.e., your customers may be looking for how-tos, modern trends, top tens, and more.

Thus having this type of content is more likely to boost your website’s searchability.

Plus, you can constantly reuse already covered ideas via evergreen blogs.

#2) Infographics

The perfect blend of written and visual content comes in the form of infographics. This is especially helpful for posting on social media or going alongside your blog. If the reader is in a hurry, you’ll still get to convey your point, at least the bits that matter the most.

Plus, you can even go for animated infographics videos!

#3) Videos

How much time do you spend on YouTube every day?

Be honest – it’s probably well over an hour.

Videos are by far the most easily consumable form of content, don’t demand much from the viewer, and can deliver huge bites of information in as little duration as five minutes. You don’t even need to write a fresh script for your video, you can simply repurpose an older publication for this purpose.

However, despite the increased popularity of video content, the textual content has not lost its relevance, and won't for the foreseeable future.

#4) PDFs, eBooks, & Downloadables

The thing with downloadable content, like eBooks and PDFs, is that you can give a detailed overview of the topic (product description, assembly instructions, usage, warranty policies, and so on) and leave it up to the reader to go through the details at their leisure.

This way, you can avoid overwhelming the visitor to your webpage and still share all they need to know.

#5) Modern Trends/Case Studies

Has your product or service benefited clients in the past by bringing a significant change in the way they get things done? You need to showcase the exact impact of your business on your customers; just saying it won't do, you need to share the data.

This is what a case study is for.

Plus, you can also share insights about modern trends in your niche, and relate all of that to your services/products.

#6) To-Do Lists & Walkthroughs

Does your product require assembly, or are there certain steps for your customer to follow? A checklist or to-do list can go a long way in helping your customers. This way, your audience will know specifically what to do and in what sequence.

Plus, a checklist is simple to craft and offers a decent return.

#7) Comments & Reviews From Customers

Posting honest reviews from your customers on the website can help you in two ways: it shows that you are open to reviews and comments and that your services have had a positive impact in the past. Testimonials can help shape the opinion of your customers by instilling a sense of confidence in them regarding all that you have to offer.

#8) Social Media Influencer Content

Influencer marketing via social media is also bound to bring more people, an audience that understands your brand's voice.

This is a fruitful investment in that social media attracts a ton of users every day, all looking for all that’s new. If you throw in smartly written content about how your services/products can make a difference, they are more likely to go for it.

And coming from an influencer will make it all the more effective.

#9) Detailed Guides

As a service provider or business owner, you need to project the image of a friendly expert. You can share insights about how your visitors can accomplish certain goals or handle certain DIY projects, related to your services/product line.

Your next customer may not originally be looking for your products but may give you a chance after going through a well-written guide.

#10) Meme Content

Who says content marketing can’t be fun?

Moreover, hard-selling rarely works. You need to build a strategy that covers all grounds: inform, influence, guide, visualize, and lastly, amaze. Humor is a strong tool and can shape people's opinions in the most positive ways.

You can find ways to subtly add a slight reference to your business in the construct.

Memes are most popular on social media, but you can throw a bunch of them alongside the rest of your web content too.

Wrapping It Up

Content is the backbone of your business marketing endeavors, and the more you invest here, the better the outcome. But the best results are only possible when you create a blend of different types of written and visual content.

Just be sure to analyze every aspect of your website or blog to make sure that your efforts are paying off as well as they should.

See what your clients like and try to do those things more often!


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