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16 Reasons to Enroll in a Writing Course

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Since Covid-19 hit the globe, forcing millions upon millions of people indoors, many have gone to their computers, looking for something to do. Professionals, even freelance writers, looked for something—anything—to fill their time.

Well, the lucky ones discovered online writing courses, like The Ultimate Online Writers’ Course by Iris Academy.

But what can you learn from an online writing course? Why would it be useful?

Read on and learn about the 16 reasons to enroll in an online writing course and discover how it can benefit you.

16 Reasons to Enroll in a Writing Course

1. Analytical Skill Development

Developing analytical skills such as creative brainstorming and problem solving via identifying different tones and writing styles requires a certain strategy in content production. Using a variety of tools and techniques, a professional content writer can achieve this development.

2. Learn to Write by Writing

Have you ever heard the expression “practice makes perfect”? Well, the more you practice writing by doing it, the sharper and more fine-tuned your writing skills will become.

3. Communicate with Clarity

People do not communicate the same when they speak as when they write. While writing, people look for the perfect and most effective word or phrase to adequately express what they want to say. A writing course will teach you how to communicate with clarity, thereby building a structure to express yourself better and communicate comprehensive thoughts in a much more efficient way.

4. Career Growth and Development

With a writing course under your belt, along with a certification and/or badge, your resume gets automatically upgraded, differentiating your candidacy from the masses, thereby transitioning your career to a new place. If you have great aspirations and lofty ambitions, a writing course with a certificate and/or badge will certainly help!

5. Self-Confidence

When you complete the writing course and see your certificate and badge, the feeling of accomplishment will probably move you. Not only will you sharpen your writing skills, but you will also sharpen your researching, organizing, strategizing, creating, evaluating, and presenting skills as well. When you successfully complete the course, your self-confidence will increase as it undoubtedly will after receiving challenging feedback, a part of every writer’s reality that you will learn to fully accept and become more comfortable with as time goes on.

6. Enhancement of Persuasive Ability

As a content writer, you will have exposure to marketing, advertising, and communications in which persuasive skills will come in conveniently. Persuasion strengthens a sentence’s fluency, expressive vocabulary, and simple format to create organic, fresh, and helpful content.

7. Networking

A writing course will put you in touch with other writers who may have the same goals you have. Building your network with other like-minded people reminds you to take your work seriously and to stay focused.

8. Work Experience Diversity

Enrolling in a writing course will expose you to diverse types of content, giving you an educational look at different sectors and domains. Different backgrounds of different writers will also give you rich experience with workplace diversity should you plan to make a career as a content writer.

9. Improve Communication

Content writers must remain cognizant of how their language, tone, and underlying cues communicate ideas. In a writing course, and by thinking critically, you will learn to communicate more effectively. A daily writing habit will also help you to improve communication as you fine-tune your writing skills.

10. Foster Creative Thinking

A writing course will introduce you to fostering creative thinking for problem solving. How to word a question a certain way, or how to phrase a sentence to imply the meaning you intend are just some of the ways you will foster creative thinking.

11. Get into a Routine

Writing everyday requires a routine, and due to homework and assignments, a writing course provides the perfect way to start the habit. After the completion of the course, you will already be ahead of the game with a daily writing schedule.

12. Achieve Personal and Professional Goals

Whether personal or professional, you can still achieve your goals while enrolled in a writing course. The flexibility they offer around a tight schedule makes achieving your goals not seem so impossible.

13. Receive Feedback

Critical and challenging feedback never gets easier to read, but it does get easier to accept as feedback makes you a better, more concise writer. The instructor, as well as your fellow students, can provide objective feedback regarding technique improvements, thereby helping you to obtain more advanced writing skills.

14. Improve Vocabulary

Forgive the cliché, but–the best writers are the best readers. Readers get smarter the more they read, and that includes improvement in their vocabulary. Writing gives you the best opportunity to express yourself in the most effective way possible as you translate your thoughts into structured words, exploring new avenues for self-expression. Improved vocabulary allows you to develop competency in writing engaging, marketable, and distinctive content.

15. Motivation

Motivation is in the doing. A writing class will motivate you to write. A great class will give you the opportunity to not only learn the insights about the art of writing, but it will inspire you to sit down and execute those insights in your own content.

16. Expand Your Skills

No matter what, a writing class will help you to expand your skills—not only as a writer, but as a reader as well. Rereading your content is an important part of the editing and proofreading process. In a writing course, you will learn new and different things you can use in your own writing content.

Content Writing in the Present Times

Writing in content marketing has never had more importance nor carried more weight than it does today. Content marketing, or “the King of marketing,” offers a qualitative value to every type of audience with its highly personalized, unique, and engaging approach.

As a $300 billion industry in 2020, the growth of content marketing continues to explode, thereby creating a consistent and constant need for content writers everywhere. The willingness of marketers to invest in writers who deliver quality content should stir you to consider enrolling in a writing course that will teach you how to create it.

The following list provides you with general statistics about content writing in our marketing world today:

  1. Content marketing is 3x more efficient than outbound marketing.

  2. 56% of businesses worldwide intend to spend more on content creation.

  3. 73% of businesses have a designated employee to monitor content creation.

  4. 92% of marketers and businesses report content as a valuable business asset.

What types of content do these statistics include?

The types of content included in the above statistics consist of:

  1. Articles/Blog Posts

  2. YouTube Posts

  3. Podcasts

  4. Case Studies

  5. Email Marketing

  6. Infographics

  7. Webinars

  8. Social Media Posts

  9. Newsletters and Other Promotional Material

To enroll in The Ultimate Online Writers’ Course by Iris Academy, visit, click on the white button on the top left side, and follow the prompts. You will be glad you did!


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