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2019 Look Back and Learn: The Best Entertainment Content Moments of the Year

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

The entertainment industry is booming, to say the least. 2019 has been filled with revolutionary new music, movies, streaming services, and more – and with it has come some of the most jaw-dropping content articles in history. Whether they were surprising, especially entertaining, revolutionary, or simply unique, these are three of the best journalist content moments in entertainment in 2019 – and they each have a lot to teach us, so get ready to take notes!

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  1. This CNN article about the new streaming service, Disney+. Many would argue that it was only a matter of time before Disney, the entertainment giant, launched its own streaming service, ending the partnerships between it and Hulu, Netflix, and other streaming services like Amazon Prime. In its service, Disney+ offers subscribers access to its “vault” of movies and TV shows, from old classics to new releases. However, as CNN points out in its article, in reopening these classics for view, Disney had to address a major issue in some of its old films – they depict racism. The article, written by Allen Kim, focused on the 1941 version of Dumbo, which included a character named Jim Crow, portrayed as a black crow, and was voiced by a white actor who used a stereotypical “African-American accent” in his performance. This is problematic for obvious reasons. Disney addressed it by writing in the movie description “This program is presented as originally created. It may contain outdated cultural depictions.” As the CNN writer suggests, many would argue this doesn’t seem like enough in addressing the major issues in its content. However, many are happy with CNN for covering such a sensitive issue, going to show that content on sensitive topics, as long as handled with respect and poise, can earn you a lot of respect in the writing world.

  2. This article from Esquire about the 2019 horror film, Us. This article offers readers something they could not find anywhere else – a sit-down with the director, Jordan Peele, offering answers regarding the movie’s twist that had the media buzzing for weeks. The article writes, “Now, in a new interview with the Empire podcast, Peele has explained his take on this twist ending: This movie’s about maybe the monster is you….” Fans flocked to the Esquire article for the information they’d been waiting for – the answer to the question they would ask the director themselves if they could! This publication was monumental because it presented readers with information they were dying to get their hands on – and shows that producing content your readers simply cannot find anywhere else is an easy way to take the cake in content publishing. This example shows that the key to excellent content is uniqueness. If only you can offer the information readers are searching for, they will find – and read – your content.

  1. This article from US Weekly following the theme of Charlie’s Angels. The newest Charlie’s Angels movie, with a release date of November 15, has been a hot topic throughout the entire year, made especially popular by Ariana Grande, Lana del Ray, and Miley Cyrus’s trio debut singing a song written for the movie. US Weekly decided to take advantage of most people listening to Grande likely having never seen the original Charlie’s Angel films (which aired in 1976,) and compiled a list of the stars who have graced the screen as a part of the franchise from the very beginning. The article writes, “Good morning, angels! More than four decades after the franchise kicked off, Charlie’s Angels are back on the case in a new film, with Kristen Stewart, Ella Balinska and Naomi Scott earning their wings as the latest trio of secret agents.” Then, the article goes on to list every trio of the Charlie’s Angels franchise, from 1976 until now. This was an amazing content moment not only because it was informative, but because US Weekly writers saw an opportunity to educate their readers on long-forgotten details of a topic relevant in today’s media – something the movie fanatics would definitely be searching for. These best content moments in entertainment in 2019 can teach us a lot – from the value of risking controversial content, to offering inside scoops on popular issues, to educating your audience about something relevant today. The main takeaway? Don’t be afraid to be confident with your content. “Wow!” moments don’t come from run-of-the-mill, dry publications. They come from content that dares to challenge comfort zones, dares to educate their readers, and, above all, dares to be unique!


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