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2020 Trends: Content Marketing = Content Selling in 2020?

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Content marketing is about sharing information to improve the reader’s lives. Companies are now using content for many reasons, with the final indent to drive the user to a purchasing decision.

Although there are various websites, and not all of them are selling a product or service, content marketing is described as specific content designed to educate, entertain and ultimately guide the reader to make a purchasing decision. Content marketing is a natural evolution of sales.

Instead of directly pitching the client with a product or service, companies now are moving into the softer approach of content marketing. People react favorably to a company that takes the time to educate the public regarding their product or service, in comparison to a company that is still using cold calling and other more aggressive methods to contact its audience.

Content Marketing is Content Selling in 2020

Content Marketing is a strategic approach that is based on creating and distributing relevant and interesting content consistently to attract traffic, convert users to clients and retain them as loyal members of their community.

Ultimately, content marketing results to healthy revenue streams and sustainable profitable companies. The Content Marketing Institute states very clearly that content is the present and the future of marketing.

What Are the Top Content Marketing Trends for 2020?

Since it is clear that content selling in 2020 will dominate the market, let’s examine the trends for the upcoming year.

  1. Content will be the driving force to making a company ‘useful’ for its clients more often.

  2. Companies will assemble teams or hire content agencies to assist in the creation of useful content.

  3. Content marketing will become content selling, otherwise, it can’t serve a purpose for a company.

  4. Content marketing will include a lot of video content.

  5. Content marketing will be optimized for VOICE, meaning it will use cleaner simpler language.

  6. Writers will evolve to become designers and video makers to keep up with the demand.

Content Marketing in 2020 will be an exciting field that is now at its infancy and starting to take on a new shape. Content agencies will become fundamental players to every industry, and professional writers will be in great demand for their services.

Great Marketing Needs Great Content

Regardless of the industry and the size of the company, without content, it will become almost impossible to attract clients. Content marketing is part of every form of marketing:

  1. Social Media

  2. SEO

  3. Public Releases

  4. PPC campaigns

  5. Inbound Marketing

  6. Blogs

  7. Website Performance

  8. Newsletters

Up until now, companies utilized their general marketing personnel for content creation, content marketing has evolved to require experts, quality and quantity.

Experts suggest that every company examines its marketing department, and make sure their 2020 approach includes a healthy dose of marketing content strategies.

What is Content that Sells?

Anyone can write, but to write content that sells is not easy. Here are four essential, but often neglected points, you need to keep in mind:

  1. Content selling in 2020 needs to address and overcome objections before the reader even has a chance to question the validity of the article.

  2. Always use content to prepare your potential clients before an event, a call, a meeting or any other face to face interaction.

  3. Develop content that pushes the non-decision makers, take the subject to the decision-makers with confidence.

  4. Use smart content to stay in touch with your clients. Do not simply ask for the sale over and over. With every opportunity to communicate make sure you add value to the communication. For example, don’t just send reminders, send reminders enriched with industry news or new offers.


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