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2020 Trends: More Brands Will Incorporate Social Listening Into Their Strategies

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Focusing narrowly on your own business branding is not enough to make it in the 2020 market. More and more businesses are using social listening software in their strategies to increase sales and brand promotion, and this is only predicted to increase in the coming years.


It has been proven that social media is a large influence on business success. 74% of people admit that social media is their primary influence when making a purchase. Another fun statistic, 92% of people on social media will take the word on your branding from other social media users before believing your own words about your content.

How do you benefit from the social listening strategy?

There is software that can look for whatever you want it to on social media. It collects the data on what people are saying about you and your brand. You can then use this information to make the necessary changes to your marketing strategies or to make your social media influence greater online.


The year 2019 saw a lot of new innovative marketing strategies with the social media markets. These are going to continually increase into the year 2020. There are literally MILLIONS of users using social media every day, and across multiple platforms. It is important to be involved with all of them.

  1. Tell a story with pictures on Instagram

  2. Make promotional videos on YouTube

  3. Hold live webinars via Facebook to get your customers to interact with you

  4. Use funny Snapchats to advertise

People talk on social media and if you aren’t talking to, there won’t be much for you to listen for and make your branding more popular.


For a long time, the platform used most for business marketing was Facebook. Other platforms are becoming just as popular on the internet. It is important to create an approachable tone across all the social media platforms that people are using. Linking them to one another can help the same tone distributed to all of them. Maximize your outcome by using each one for their intended uses.

Facebook: Facebook should be used to create the human voice for your business. This is the best place for customers to post and interact with you and other customers. Make sure that you are constantly keeping up with your page presence so that no one gets bored with your content.

Instagram: Instagram is great for posting visually about your business. Using hashtags to link relevant information and telling your story in a way that is more artistic.

YouTube: Creating a YouTube channel for your business and then sharing it with your social media feeds is a great way for you to get the word out for your business. A lot of people spend time watching videos on YouTube and use them to be informed on products and services.

Snapchat: Snapchat makes you interact with your customer base as a real person. Taking the occasional selfie with a funny filter and talking about your product will bring more views than a boring video. Creating your own filter can also be a fun way to advertise your business. Social listening strategies are the new frontier for 2020, make sure you are using them to know what people are saying about you!


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