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3 Essential Things Your Content Strategy Should Have This Year

Welcome to 2022. As we move into yet another year, it's time to align your content strategy and goals so it can reach success. As a new year starts, that means new content strategies, new ways to create content, new competitors, and so on. It's becoming more challenging each day, let alone each year, for content creators due to the power of the internet and the growing technological advances. So, to stay on top of all the 'new' changes, we are giving you the top three essential things your content strategy needs in order to be successful in 2022.

1.) Content Tactics

Having tactics for your content is crucial in digital marketing. Without it, your content has no purpose or reason, and that's just the complete opposite of what content is supposed to accomplish. While tactics aren't anything new in 2022, you can always use the latest trends to incorporate them into your tactics to stay one step ahead of the competition.

So, how do you do this? You must first determine the type of content and distribution channels you will use to advance your audience through the buyer journey stages. Your content needs to have a purpose. You can do this by identifying the primary themes and the topics that align with them. After that, it’s all about adding in different types of content and ways to push it.

For example, let's say you want to build on your brand awareness this year. You'd first look into the theme, which could be recognizing the issue and committing to a change. Then, you choose a specific topic. Next, figure out the type of content. Would it be an educational video? A social media campaign? A newsletter? Find what suits that topic and theme best. After that, choose which channels it'll be distributed through, i.e., YouTube, LinkedIn, Email, etc. Your final part of the overall tactics is the KPIs.

2.) Analytics

Marketers and digital content creators will soon realize that analytics will determine the winners and losers this year. Many creators believe great content only needs to rely on their creative hunch. That isn't the case. As more and more content continues to be published on the internet, readers will only begin to find the kind that relies on data and analytics. In 2022, brands need to say goodbye to the past of throwing random content on the internet to see what works and what doesn't.

Content analytics may be one of the most crucial aspects of content marketing. Why? Because it helps to improve the business by gaining knowledge. From the data that proves what people want to see or read, you can now focus and align your content strategies on what's working, and no more wasting time in 2022!

3.) New Delivery Options

It's vital to stay on top of emerging technologies. You should know what is expected to be popular ways to deliver content in the future needs to be incorporated into your content strategies. If you ignore the new delivery options out there, you'll be behind. So, even if you think you may not use that method, plan for it regardless because if there's one thing the past few years taught us, it's that anything can happen.

Start by optimizing your content for mobile. Optimization is crucial, and if you're not already doing it, do it right now. As of January 2021, there were 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide. Of that total, 4.32 billion accessed the internet from a mobile device. That should prove exactly why mobile optimization is essential for your brand. After that, look out for emerging trends like Podcasts and AI/AR tech. These are being attributed to the future of content. Look into these trends and incorporate them into your 2022 content strategies.

Final Words

A new year means change, which can be a good thing if you make it that way. Although it can be scary that brands face an even more significant challenge in optimization and an increase in distribution channels, that's tons of content tools out there to help you become successful. There is no excuse for not trying the new trends and incorporating them into your marketing.

And now that you are fully aware of the top three essential elements to include in your content strategy plans this year, you're ready to embrace the change, opportunities, and challenges that it will bring. Good luck, and here's to another great year of content strategy!


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