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7 Ways to Use the Google June 2019 Core Update to Boost Your Online Presence

The Google June 2019 core update has officially come, but it is far from gone! As you study your analytics to find ways to improve your content performance, the last thing you should do is put the update in the rearview mirror and forget about it. Below is an overview of how you can effectively boost your online presence by taking advantage of this core update:

Examine the Quality of Your Existing Content

Chances are that you have already dissected the analytics of your existing content. The next step you need to take is to dissect the quality of your existing content. If you were negatively impacted by the core update, then the quality of your published and promoted work should be a top concern. Even if the numbers did not change, though, you can still benefit from examining the strengths and weaknesses of your overall content.

Add More Videos to Your SEO Content

Another way to take advantage of the Google June 2019 core update is to include embed quality videos into your content. Studies have shown that video carousels currently appear in more than 61% of desktop searches thanks to the Google core update. If you want to increase your exposure and drive more traffic to your existing and new content, this is a great field of content to dive into headfirst.

Diversify Your Content Portfolio

When was the last time you took an inventory of your existing content to see which topics you have and have not covered? One report claims that Google will no longer display more than 2 results published by the same domain at the top of the search engine result pages (SERPs).

This means that Google could potentially overlook a substantial amount of your content if it all focuses on the same topics and keywords. To broaden the reach of your content, you must diversify your content portfolio and the topics covered within it. This will also help you to cover a wide range of topics and concepts that are important to your target audience instead of becoming complacent with your existing work.

Enhance the Transparency of Your Brand

Google favors transparency, authenticity and originality when it comes to online content that performs well over time. As you work behind the scenes of your online presence, focus on investing quality time in exposing your brand to your target audience. For instance, you can become more transparent to your target audience by publishing a high-quality “About Us” page. This will help you to provide valuable inputs to this popular search engine with a little help from a schema markup.

Using bios and bylines for your content contributors will also help you to achieve this goal. This type of transparency will make your prospective and existing customers feel much more comfortable with trusting you and your company. With each customer review and positive testimonial that you receive, your reputation with Google will also improve – creating a lasting benefit for your overall online presence.

Fortify Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

It would be a critical mistake for you to overlook your social media strategy (or lack thereof) in the aftermath of the Google June 2019 core update. An effective social media marketing strategy will help you to boost your online presence in favor of this update.

For instance, social media will help you to improve your external link-building opportunities. As you increase your followers, you will also boost the chance of people linking to your content. Maintaining a consistent flow of new followers will boost organic exposure to your online presence – which will also help your SEO ranking as a bonus incentive.

Use Third-Party Feedback for a Fresh Perspective

As the creator, it is much easier for someone else to see the flaws of your online content than you. You do not intentionally create flawed content for your online presence and more than likely believe that everything is in order. A third-party perspective will allow you to see the cracks in your content that you likely did not know existed.

Make sure that you request specific feedback. According to Entrepreneur, people respond better to specific direction and feedback that targets the areas of improvements that must be addressed. You can also pay close attention to the feedback you may have already obtained – such as through blog comments, direct messages on social media and online forum discussions.

Increase the Frequency of Posting Schedule

Another way that you can take full advantage of the Google June 2019 core update is to post more high-quality content. If you increase the frequency of your posting schedule, you can appeal to your target audience, boost engagement and maximize exposure to your online presence. Remember that the key is to still focus on quality content. The last thing you want is to jeopardize your current online reputation and exposure by allowing the quality of your content to decline as you raise the quantity.


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