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All About CX: Here's The Recipe To Succeed With Your Customer Experience

The business world will never be the same as before the pandemic. As people flock towards online stores and turn to the internet for solutions to all routine problems, brands have found themselves in the peak age of digitization, so far. Quality content is now the foundation on which you can build your brand's online identity and appeal to a greater audience.

Instead of cold calling, emailing, or generating leads through other means, why not get the clients to come to you? But with the shifting market trends, content creation is also constantly evolving, and customer experience is a big part of what can make or break your content strategy. While the type and tone of the content are important considerations, there are some technical aspects of customer engagement too that must be given due importance.

For 2022, customer experience stands as one of the most important success factors for your content marketing strategy:

#1) Digital Content Is The New Normal

Well, you probably saw this coming!

Content marketing is impossible without the digitization of the content creation process. For instance, you can share downloadable PDFs of product guideline booklets on the corresponding web pages, checklists, and more. Plus, content digitization goes beyond your website. For instance, you can repurpose your blogs and webpages as YouTube scripts to create interactive videos.

Digital-only products are also a nice addition to your repertoire.

For instance, eBooks are all the rage right now, and the same is also true for paid courses – if your business/industry offers unique skills worth learning, why not share your expertise this way. Plus, you can give free access to your customers as a bonus.

#2) Personalized Content

Customers want to feel valued and special. This is not how things look at first when talking about business marketing, but the way you phrase your content can help you create a personalized feel. You need to figure out the important details of your potential clients, their issues, and how you can help them with your services and products.

Addressing your audience as a friendly expert who understands their concerns, has dealt with such issues in the past, and is willing to go the extra mile, can help you show your client that you'll give them personalized service. You can even state it outright (be creative) to show that you care.

#3) Subscriptions & Newsletters

It is a good idea to keep your clients hooked. Your blog section is much more than an exhibition of your abilities in the industry. You can use it to keep reeling in your customers again and again with the latest updates and informational material.

Blog subscriptions and newsletters are a perfect way of keeping your customers informed.

If you strategize this correctly, you can show your clients that you haven't forgotten them and that you're up to date with all the solutions for their problems.

Don't try to sound salesy. Instead, use your expertise as a tool for adding value to the lives of your newsletter recipients. If your clients see value in your content, they'll surely think the same way about your products or services.

#4) H2H: Human To Human

The B2B or B2C model is gaining popularity; people no longer need to deal with middlemen in their dealings. But what about the human element of the interaction? Your content can highlight this perfectly – you can show your clients how your company offers (and it should) a level of personal attention that your clients need.

The human element of your content can help clients connect better with what you have to offer.

You can highlight the frustrations, problems, hardships, and more that people face in certain circumstances, replicating the exact feelings through your adjectives, before revealing how you can help. It would also help if you mention a couple of success stories and share client reviews so the reader can see that your claims are not unsubstantiated.

Also, browsing through client reviews is sure to highlight the human segment.

#5) Content For All Types Of Audiences

You can also deliver the best customer experience by incorporating popular types of content, other than blogs, into the mix. Photos (with meta tags), videos, infographics, newsletters, social media content, and downloadable media are all excellent examples.

Not all people may be drawn towards one type of content, you need to diversify to address the needs of all. Plus, certain types have obvious benefits over others. For instance, videos are much better suited than text for demonstration, although having both hand-in-hand works even better.

#6) Improving Readability Of Text-Based Content

Lastly, the readability of the text is also an important factor.

Sometimes, everything about the content is perfect, but the font, size, or color scheme makes it hard to read. For this, you can tweak things a bit until you find the right combination. Generally, it is a good idea to keep the paragraphs short and present a unique idea in each segment.

Also, the font size can be used to emphasize different parts of the text.

Smart usage of bold, italics, and underlines can also help achieve the same goal.

Bottom Line

Content creation is the perfect way of engaging an interested audience and increasing the conversion rates for your business services or products. Through well-researched keywords and a strategic SEO protocol, you can make sure that your content attracts the right crowd. But the quality of the content also matters; this is what will keep the clients on your website.

Tailoring your web content to best suit the needs and expectations of your customers will reward you infinitely more compared to the time and effort you put into it. Plus, you must expand your content strategy beyond the extent of your website, dive deep into content marketing via social media, email newsletters, video creation, and more, to get the best results.

Customer experience is not a simply defined factor in SEO ranking but the general attitude of website visitors towards your content will affect how Google ranks your website!


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