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Buyer Profiling vs. Buyer Persona: Do You Know Who You’re Addressing With Your Content?

Creating content for a blog, website or any other B2B content you have planned needs a little preparation. It takes more than the written word to attract customers, and this is where your buyer profiling and buyer persona strategy comes into play.

What Is A Buyer Persona?

As a marketer it is your job to know the difference between a buyer profile and buyer personas, so you can take advantage of the benefits of each. With a buyer profile, you are looking deep into the demographics of your customer while a buyer persona is more about the habits, personality, and behavior of a typical consumer.

As you start to consider who your main customer base is, you’ll need to have both their buyer profile and buyer persona laid out. This can help you to understand how best to serve your customer as well as create content that attracts and entices them.

For example, your buyer profile may include the age range, income, gender, marital status, and geographic location. This can be highly important to the content that you create as this information can help you to develop content that meets the needs of your customers.

If you identified that your customer base is in the Millennial age range, you wouldn’t want to create content that is more geared toward Baby Boomers. The interest wouldn’t be there, and the possibility of you gaining attention from your key customer base certainly would not happen.

What Is A Buyer Profile?

Now, if you take your typical customer a step deeper, you’ll want to understand a little bit more about them. What makes them tick? What drives them? What are their personal likes? And above all what makes them buy from you?

If you don’t know the answer to these questions, this is where buyer profiling can help. When you are developing a buyer profile, you can answer these questions as well as many more and really have a good understanding of who your target customers are and what causes them to make purchases.

The more you can identify about your customer base, the better able you will be to create content that resonates with them. You need to consider what motives them and how they make personal choices with their buying power.

Unlike a buyer persona strategy, your buyer profile plan could pinpoint a range of customers that have different buying habits and personalities. For example; you may have a customer that buys on impulse and another that researches before they buy. While both customers are important to your business, the content that you create needs to be geared towards both types of consumers.

Creating Content For Your Buyer Personas And Buyer Profiles

Creating content that hits all your buyer personas and buyer profiles can be a challenge. It can be difficult to develop content that appeals to the masses and still conveys the message that you are looking to get across. However, it is still possible!

Yes, you can create content that appeals to a large segment of customers even if their personalities and tastes are not similar. But you must first identify what it is that they like. Finding content topics that align with your buyer profiling and buyer persona strategies takes some effort, but the results will be well worth it.

Think about what type of products or services your customers gravitate towards the most. Is there a connection to who buys them and why? There most certainly is! And this is your jumping off point. Finding that key connection can allow you to deliver content that customers of all personas and profiles want to read.

You need to tailor your content to your customers even if it means writing for each buyer personas or profile uniquely. But without a buying profile and buyer persona strategy, you will be missing the boat entirely and not engaging with your audience as much as you think you are.

Grow Your Revenue By Understanding Your Customer

Consider the idea that you want to grow your customer base. Maybe you have a new product or service that you want to introduce to a new population of customers. This sounds like a win for your business but do you really know who is going to buy this offering? This is where your buyer profile and buyer personas will come in handy.

You need to really think about who wants the product or service that you are offerings. How can you entice them with content about the new offering from your business? When you know who you are targeting, it is easier to create content that reaches and engages with them.

When you have the typical buyer figured out, you can suit your content directly to them. This means that you write for them, giving them the information that they want to read. The more you are able to understand what topics and writing style appeal to them, the greater the probability that they will buy from your business, helping you to increase your revenue in the process.

Finding Success Through Personalized Content Creation

You may think that you already know your customer and don’t need to spend the time to develop a buyer persona strategy or a buyer profiling plan, but you are only leaving money on the table. There may be reasons that are preventing your customer from buying. You may be alienating them without even knowing it.

Remember, you want to create content that inspires, persuades, and grabs their attention. Give them a reason to buy from you. Let them see the benefits of your company’s products and services. Let your customer feel the need to have what you offer. Only then can you truly help your business achieve success through your content strategy. Good luck!


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