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Challenges That Are Keeping Content Marketers Up At Night And How To Address Them In 2020

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

The internet is saturated with a lot of information on content, how to build it, optimize and distribute it. But there is a lack of structured information for people who work in content related positions. Content in 2020 will only gain more importance making it even more challenging to create and promote.

When we speak of content, we refer to anything from website copy, social media, blogs, and even video content. What are the challenges that are keeping content marketers up at night, and what do experts have to say about how to overcome them?

There is a lot to be discussed but we will focus on the top five today.

Let’s dive right in.

1. Keeping Content Authentic, Fresh and Interesting

The top challenge on everyone’s list is the difficulty to continue writing high-quality, authentic, relevant content daily.

A lot of content marketers develop their personal hacks on how to overcome this issue, but it is still a very common challenge. Many writers collect guides and lists of ideas to read when they find themselves in front of a blank screen.

How to Overcome this Challenge?

Although there are many little methods you can use, the one that experts agree on for fast quality results is to use your customer’s experiences in your content. This means you will need some foresight on building strong relationships beforehand with your client base. Create a plan to have frequent interaction with your clients, like newsletters, success stories, etc. You can even utilize your other professional circle, even friends and family who are willing to talk about their problems and experiences. Not only is this a great way to always have fresh content, but it can also give you a fresh perspective on problems that need solving!

Other suggestions from experts include:

  1. Interviewing someone new

  2. Brainstorm with your friends

  3. Reuse content and update it

  4. Share your failures or successes

  5. Rewrite some of your older content from the opposite point of view

  6. Use the Trending tool on Google to find popular subjects

  7. Walk away from your computer, watch a movie or take a walk

2. Always Having to Create Content for One Product or Service

The second challenge faced by content writers is more commonly found in those who work full- time positions in companies that sell one particular service or product. Content in 2020 is not going to get any easier. Developing new content for the same service daily is extremely hard. Product or service-oriented content is one of the hardest to develop, and it needs to be exceptional to have any impact on the companies KPIs.

How to Overcome this Challenge?

Organizing your content at the beginning of the week will help ward off any writer’s block you might experience in the middle of the week. Create a clean content strategy, where you have a series of articles, all connected but not too inflated with just product descriptions and benefits. You might even want to consider creating stories about the products, and again engage the users. Speak with the management and describe your vision about promoting the brand as a whole, and not just a product or service.

Promote the team and try having set days for certain themes. For example, on Monday you can publish about the Brand, on Tuesday about the Product, on Wednesday about a key Team member, on Thursday a general Industry update and close the week off with an article from a Customer’s point of view.

3. Lack of Technology Knowledge

Many writers stay focused on content creation and tend to ignore technology tools that can make their work easier. Some writers admit feeling a bit intimidated by all the new tech options and tools.

How to Overcome this Challenge?

Do a general search and find the most popular tech tools used by writers. Then each week try to use at least one to help you create content. here are plenty of tools that help you generate interesting titles for your articles and find out which keywords are hot. There are online timers to push you to stay focused, and even virtual rooms that provide the perfect ambiance to inspire you. Many of these tools are not necessary but you might them useful or at least amusing!

4. The Gap Between Content and ROI

A writer’s job used to be much simpler. Now everything is connected to performance. How can a writer know what content is giving the best possible results?

How to Overcome this Challenge?

Work with the tech department and connect your content with an analytics tool. Ask them to give you a short training on how to understand the analytics, and then get access to monitor how well your content is performing. Experiment further and see if certain trigger words help the readers click on CTAs. Use a different tone of voice and styling and see which articles are shared more. Analytic tools will allow you to write content that drives sales higher.

5. Continuous Learning

To write you must first read. The acquisition of new knowledge is a challenge for many writers because of lack of time. In many cases, managers do not even consider it as part of the job description, as if writers somehow have a constant source of renewable information in their heads. In many cases, clients as well as managers, do not account or care for the amount of time you will need to research a subject before you develop the article.

How to Overcome this Challenge?

Identify the industries you are more likely to write about. Then look up some of the most popular blogs or websites that cover the latest news in those industries. When preparing your content in 2020, you will want to make sure you are up-to-date with the latest news. Bookmark the best ones, and take a few minutes every day to scan through the new articles and videos. This way you are always caught up. Besides, identifying the best source of information per industry will expedite the time you spend on research overall.


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