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Content Marketing Experts: How To Find Something New To Say With Your Content

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Content marketing experts and managers are unanimous in that they have been, or currently are, affected by “idea drought” – a condition where one is temporarily unable to create interesting and engaging content due to writer’s block.

This is regrettable because content is here to stay according to co-founder and CEO of Influence & Co John Hall. He cites data from a survey by Content Marketing Institute, where close to 90% of B2B marketers and 86% of B2C ones state that they rely on content heavily.

Shatter The Echo Chamber

Creative writing guru and Skyword’s Content Standard contributor Liz Alton sees two main reasons for the drought of ideas. First and foremost, many content creators seem to be stuck in an echo chamber, reiterating the ideas of their competitors in the field over and over again.

The second problem she highlights is that that content creators mostly cover the “low-hanging fruit content ideas”, but when the time comes to come up with some new, unexplored topics, they usually give in to the pressure.

Forbes contributor Christian Guiltenane seems to be more or less on the same page. In an article dedicated to the current demise of celeb magazines in the UK, he expresses the opinion that the fact that “most of the popular titles restrict themselves to a very small cast of low-rent stars and C-listers” accounts for their fall.

They only way out of the vicious circle of echoing your competitors’ titles is by offering your readers a new, daring and challenging perspective of the hot topics of the day. A perspective that provokes them to take a stance or spring into action.

Content Marketing Experts: Spun Out, Reheated Content Is Killing the Industry

“The market”, Alton observes, “is saturated by a myriad of blogs that simply spin out content to fill space in the editorial calendar”. In the same line of thought, Christian Guiltenane points out that the tragedy of most celeb mags in the UK and US is that they offer their readers “re-heated” stories that are usually a full week old.

Wait a second! Who’s paying serious money for a series of microwave dinners served one after the other day after day? One doesn’t need to be one of the leading marketing experts of the day to answer this question. When one tries to step back and see the bigger picture, they may discover a world of new possibilities and heaps of unexplored content.

Go for interviews! With all these new communication channels available, scheduling a live interview should not take long. Target budding talents – artists, writers, and other creative types.

Who knows, one day some of these young minds may skyrocket to fame and you may turn out to be the first ever editor to have interviewed them.

Create Content For Trusted Media

In his article Creating Content? Here’s What Editors Want You to Know, John Hall emphasizes the importance of the communication between content creators and editors. He suggests that in order to engage the attention of your target audience, you’ve got to create content for trusted media outlets that is capable of piercing through the “social murmur.”

If one really wants to find something new to say with their content, they should send out scouts to ask editors what they are looking for. As Hall points out, knowing what the editors want can give one some clue of their audience’s preferences as well.

With more than sixty percent of the editors looking for fresh, video content this year, a creator may consider a series of mini videos on some hot current issues that most competitors have already covered in writing.

Cover Creative Costs

Prior to the boom of Internet and social media, most of the creative content that came out was highly original. That was because journalists and magazine contributors could not reach the news from the comfort of their offices. Rather, they had to go out and reach the primary source.

This old strategy works just as effectively nowadays, but there is a problem. It is costly. If an organization wants to really find some new and engaging content, it has to hire an army of pro-active information hunters, who are ready to go to the primary source and dig in really hard.

Content marketing experts advise managers to consider replacing part-time contributors with a strong team of full-time professionals. The initial investment may be high, but it will pay off over time. Remember that the closer one is to the source of information, the fresher the content that they offer to readers.

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