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Conversational Content Marketing With Chatbots and AI: 2020 Tips

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

This time it’s a review of a service. Let me know if you have any questions.

Marketing is evolving fast to include chatbots and AI as mainstream tools to improve customer experience. Are you currently using chatbots? If so, are you utilizing the right tool to create natural conversations?

Let’s explore how conversational marketing and content in 2020 will elevate your customer service quality to new highs!

What is Conversational Content Marketing?

Conversational content marketing moves your potential buyers through the marketing and sales process faster than ever before. The power of real-time conversations with chatbots allows the customer to feel connected to your company must faster, while creating a truly authentic experience.

Chatbots can be programmed with content in 2020 to reflect your company’s style and tone, making it faster to show your brand’s personality. Lead forms are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Do you remember when you had to leave your information on an online form, and wait for days to see if anyone would call you back?

Sometimes you were not even sure you did it right because after submitting the form, you had no proof of the communication. Now intelligent Chatbots and AI engage people when they land on your website. This creates instant engagement. It’s a bit like having a 24/7 salesperson greeting visitors, and making sure all questions are answered.

How is Conversational Content Marketing Changing Sales?

When the world was not so overly saturated with products and services, people felt more comfortable during the sales process. The more competitive the market got, the more pressure people felt from the traditional methods. Chatbots and AI are here to change that. They satisfy the need for personal attention, without customers feeling the pressure. This new process places the customers in a more relaxed state of mind which has better results for your company.

Another benefit of Chatbots and AI is that all the previous hoops can now be bypassed. Before Chatbots the process could look like this:

  1. Land on a Website

  2. Fill out a lead form

  3. Become a lead in a CRM somewhere

  4. Receive multiple calls at inopportune times.

  5. Avoid calls

  6. Receive emails

  7. Reply to emails

  8. Schedule a call

  9. Finally speak to someone

Who has time for this now? Did you know that only 43% of people now answer a call from an unknown number? To top that, only 20% of emails sent from companies are opened!

Chatbots are an all-in-one stop to get your answers and move to the buying process. To make Chatbots work for your company, content is the key. You will need a great writer, who has sales experience to develop some smart content in 2020 for your Chatbot.

Imagine interacting with a Chatbot that is basic and dry, using simple commands such as ‘hello’ and ‘how may I assist you?’ Now imagine the Chatbot having some personality, using sentences such as ‘Hi, my name is Tim, I am a bot, programmed to help you. I also feel that we have met before! What can I do for you?’

That is a silly example. But as a business owner, you can program your Chatbot to create memorable, fun interactions with your website visitors. I remember interacting with a Chatbot once that made me laugh! I was well aware it was a bot, and yet I laughed. It asked me if I wanted to place an order. The two options I had were ‘Yes, of course, that is why I am here’ and ‘No, I want to stay sad, sorry for wasting your time’.

How Do You Add Chatbots on Your Website?

You probably already noticed how many Facebook pages have bots ready to interact with you as soon as you visit the page right? Setting Chatbots for social media and websites is an easy process. You can now build interactive Chatbots without coding and complex programming knowledge. For example, you can use one of the many platforms out there such as OUTGROW, RapidAPI or InteliWISE. Follow their user-friendly process to create your own.

Pay Attention to the Chatbot Content

A Chatbot is an empty canvas waiting to take on the personality of your brand.

Modern users are very jaded with technology these days and it takes a lot to stand out. Chatbots and their content is the perfect opportunity to make a great first impression to anyone who lands on your website.

1. Personalize the Message

Personalized content in 2020 is very important. Hire a professional writer to develop the content for the Chatbot and see how your engagement with users increases.

2. Use Chatbots on your Social Media

Most online users are addicted to their social media, so it is a good idea to make sure that your business has a social media page in most platforms. Once that is done, activate your social media Chatbot.

3. Do not Forget your Brand

Chatbots should reinforce your branding. Work with your content writers and make sure you include your branding values and guidelines in the Chatbot design and conversation.

4. Give your Chatbot a Personality

Make it behave human. Your users know that it is a bot, but it is so much fun when a bot appears to have a consistent personality and can engage you in fun interaction.


There is no doubt that Chatbots and AI are the future of content marketing. The sooner you design and launch your Chatbots the sooner you can rip the benefits.

Chatbots will be a major part of content creation in 2020.


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