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Easy Tips That Will Help You Define Unique Buyer Personas From Your Customer Pool

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

When people buy a product or a service, they prefer a kinship company, where the same values are shared. Customers would choose a business that understands their needs and priorities. And as a business, the best way to show your concern is to create a buyer’s persona.

A buyer’s persona is a researched-based profile of your target customers. The profile describes a fictional person who is similar to the customers in terms of their requirements and buying-behavior. If you cater to more than one target group or there are multiple decision-makers in a buying process, you will have to create multiple buyer’s personas.

The buyer’s persona takes you closer to the buyer; it also ensures that the different business departments like product design, marketing, sales, and after-sales support share a common view about the customer. Creating a buyer’s persona is easier said than done. But we have some tips which you can utilize to facilitate the process.

How To Create A Buyer’s Persona?

Find Answers to These Questions

You should find answers to these questions for creating the buyer’s persona-

  1. Buyer’s age, gender, annual income

  2. Members of the household

  3. The area they live in (metropolitan, urban, suburbs, rural)

  4. Interests, hobbies, etc.

  5. Highest qualification

  6. Profession

  7. Job role or titles

  8. Career goals and aspirations

  9. Motivation and fear

  10. Tech-savviness and social media use

Study Your Customers

To create a buyer’s persona for a product or a service that has already spent some time in the market, the first easy thing you should do is to look into the data of the existing customers. Most companies maintain this data through different channels, so it won’t be a herculean task. You can analyze the data to draw the main features of your buyer’s persona.

Also, understand the site analytics to learn about your online visitors. If you want to know more about your customers, why they choose you over others, and what factors they consider before making a purchase, you can straightaway ask them by conducting a poll.

You must have a thorough discussion with representative members of different departments in your business to create a buyer’s persona. Ask them who they think the customers are. Have a detailed discussion with your customer-facing employees to know about the common characteristics of the customers.

Segment Your Customers

Based on your findings, create a segment of your customers. This will help you understand whether there is one customer group that accounts for the majority of your sales, or there are three-four segments that demand your attention. Based on your findings, you will have to create one or more than one buyer’s persona.

Create The Persona

You can put together the information to describe a person who represents a customer segment. Create a slide for each buyer’s persona. To make things easy, you can also find readymade templates for the buyer’s persona on the Internet that can help you with the layout.

The persona will keep the different teams in your businesses united in their efforts to serve the customers better. Remember that buyer’s persona is a dynamic document. You should improvise it as customer’s behavior might change over time.

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