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Fundamental Social Media Mistakes Your Business is Probably Making

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Social media has become a part of our lives, and marketing through this platform is something every business wants to do. Companies want to make their presence felt using this content marketing technique because they can attract so many customers from there. After all, if you don’t have customers to patronize your business, no one will know how excellent your goods or services are!

If you are new to the space or not experienced in using social media, attracting people to your business may not be the only problem you will have. There are fundamental errors that could hinder your business from having the online presence you desire.

In this piece, we will have a look at the fundamental social media mistakes that your business is probably making.

1. Not Having a Content Management Strategy

The importance of an excellent content marketing strategy for social media cannot be overemphasized. As you need to find out what your niche and audience are, so also do you need a good marketing strategy. Many companies do not have a definite content marketing technique they intend to use, and you may just be one of them.

If you are one of such companies, then with time, your page could turn to a barren land. Develop an excellent content management strategy, and your followers will come trooping in as customers. Social media is not all about having potential customers.

2. Lack of Focus and Consistency

Having the right content marketing techniques and strategies to showcase your business to the world is the first step in the right direction. The next thing you must do is stick to your plan and be consistent in using social media to promote your business.

How often do you post on social media? Do you have a schedule that reminds you to engage your followers frequently? If you have found what your focus is, then commit whole-heartedly to it. If you can, create a calendar that you can use to create content for the month or week ahead.

Yes, this will take up some of your time. But you will reap more returns from a consistent and focused use of social media in your business than a once-in-a-blue-moon approach.

3. Obvious Marketing

Social media was created as a platform to keep in touch with friends and family while viewing great content. As such, many followers expect to see fun content and not obvious marketing tips. Your business will not attract many followers if all you do is boast of how world-class it is.

Make your social media accounts fun and insightful for people to engage in, but let it be natural. Followers and users will disengage if all you share is adverts and they can see through your content marketing techniques.

4. Dealing with Negative Comments Poorly

Many companies out there do not know how to deal with negative feedback on social media. The truth is you will get them and loads of them. Most businesses surrender and apologize immediately without reflecting, while others turn the conversation to a word-fight.

Negative comments are the greatest fear businesses have when using social media as it could spoil their reputation. But you must not see them as an attempt to discredit your business. Instead, take negative comments as honest opinions about your business’ products or services.

Have a responsive team that will manage the replies you give when these comments surface on your social media platforms. Customers expect the assurance that you will take their comments seriously and work on them. You must remember that negative reviews are not personal attacks.

5. Lack of Variation

If you have been advertising on social media for a while, then this is probably the problem you would be experiencing. One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is churning out the same content they have posted before. Indeed, this is one of the fastest ways to reduce your online presence.

Social media is a platform that changes frequently, and you must move with the trend. Make sure you spice your accounts up with new and exciting content that will leave your followers in awe.

It is better not to post anything than to dig up old posts and recycle them. If you must use old content, reinvent it; find a different angle.

6. Spamming

You may have been told that creating adverts and spam is a way to go in your content marketing classes, but this is not a good technique for social media. In fact, there is no faster way to reduce the number of followers you have than sending out automatic links. Instead of spamming, engage in meaningful conversations with your followers.

7. Omitting a Social Media Policy

Not having a policy for the content you put out on your social media page is a deal-breaker. A good team doesn’t always know what to post. Your policy should always include;

  1. Things you want your social media team to post about your business

  2. Non-disclosure of confidential information

  3. Non-disclosure of customers’ gripes

Final Thoughts

So, these are the mistakes you should always avoid when promoting your business on social media. Everyone makes mistakes, but few learn from them. Avoid these mistakes to get the best results from your content marketing techniques and social media strategy.


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