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Happy Halloween! How To Treat Or Trick Your Way Into Content Success This Season

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Halloween is upon us, and hopefully, you have your spooky outfit all sorted by now. It is one of the nation’s favorite holidays from all the apparent reasons. You probably remember going into a store towards the end of August and seeing the Halloween stuff on display already. “Isn’t it a bit too early for that?” – we all said to ourselves while we headed home thinking how to win the pumpkin carving competition in the office.

Halloween grew to be one of the most anticipated holidays, and the numbers are here to back those claims up: 506 million Halloween-related searches are taking place each year. This year, it is expected the total of Halloween spendings in the U.S. only to surpass the $9 billion mark. However, Halloween doesn’t mean that you need to only focus on selling seasonal items. If you want to strike gold this spooky season, we have some ideas you can use.

Time to Get Creative

Your products are on the market each day of the year. However, can you find a way how to put them into a Halloween-inspired scenario? Let’s say you are a clothes retailer. You probably have already equipped yourself with Halloween items such as witch hats or costumes, but you can you further than that by creating content that will highlight the use of your everyday product to create a Halloween look. This idea was turned into reality by the brand Land’s End who have created a special campaign called “Spooky Colors” that did exactly what we described previously. They did this campaign in the form of an email newsletter and showcased how users can combine the brand’s existing clothing items to create a spooky Halloween look.

This is a win-win situation for customers – creating a Halloween costume out of items that can later be worn for work or a night out makes perfect sense, and it will save them money.

Wrap Up a Halloween Offer

Even if your brand can’t use the spooky vibe of Halloween, that doesn’t mean that you should completely stay out of it. Offering customers an extra something this Halloween is a very logical thing to do if you take the spending figure we mentioned previously in consideration. Think of a special Halloween offer in the form of a landing page, banner or newsletter, and spice it up with a good Halloween-inspired design. If you want to see an example of other companies doing it, just look up your favorite retailer. The majority of brands are already pushing their Halloween offers out. Take Amazon for example. They have so much to offer this Halloween, but what did they decide to give a discount on? 25% off pet treats, of course. The logic behind it is simple – people will buy Halloween things anyway, why not use the opportunity to push other products.

Tell a Funny Horror Story

If you manage to tell an engaging spooky story but make it intentionally funny, you can strike Halloween gold this festive season. If you are not sure what we mean by that, let us give you an example.

How about writing a piece that is fictional, about a customer who decided to choose to buy a competitor’s product instead of yours. You can go on and describe all of the misfortunes that came out of the transactions in a funny way, for example, a series of bad luck events such as slipping on a banana peel and falling into a puddle, followed by being mistaken with another person and getting in trouble without any reason whatsoever. The moral of the story would be, of course, that the curse can only be lifted by becoming your customer.

A campaign of this type was done by a Korean messaging service which brought the fun in with their ghost haunt training commercial.

Organize a Competition and Let it Go Viral

Competitions are always welcomed by customer because who doesn’t love free stuff! This Halloween, you can organize the best costume competition and give the winner a special price. It is no secret that competitions, especially those that involve the voice of the public for choosing the winner get a lot of attention. The place to launch one such completion is obviously social media. Paint your social media pages in the colors of Halloween and launch your own competition hashtag. Encourage people to post photos of their Halloween costumes by using the hashtag. The person with the most votes by the public wins, so can you guess what’s going to happen? Of course, you will get yourself user-generated content that will be shared on social media to a great extent. Everyone wants to be a winner, don’t they? You can even introduce a special price for someone who uses one of your products in the costume if applicable. It will bring you great online exposure, increase your brand awareness and build a better relationship with customers.

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Pull out your content marketing tricks out of the broom cupboard this year in order to get your hands on some treats. Use the above ideas to strike a Halloween-special profit, and then sip on the pumpkin spice latte.

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When it comes time to pick a content provider, a bargain isn’t always the best way to go. Content is more than filler; it’s what draws visitors to your site, but inspired content keeps them there. It keeps them coming back. Content is a relationship. It’s your brand. We get it. Furthermore, we can deliver it. Contact us today for a quote.



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