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How to Align Your Marketing with Your Brand Vision

It’s not enough to be a strong company with a clear vision and mission. Your vision and mission sum up the long-term goals and objectives. Beyond this, you must be able to deliver the kind of content marketing that attracts new people and keeps customers engaged. In today’s world, aligning your marketing with the vision and mission is essential for your brand.

Finding the right content marketing tactics to mesh these two adequately takes deliberate effort. In a lot of cases, mid-size businesses treat their content marketing as a different entity, separate from the brand’s core values. Companies usually make this mistake because content marketing is viewed as an independent platform. They do not adequately relate their content marketing tactics to the brand.

The content marketing strategies you employ should be promoting your brand’s core mission and vision. You need to recognize how important it is to market your brand with unfaltering consistency. This builds continuity for your business. Below are the top content marketing tactics in 2019.

1. Strengthen Your Story

Most brands focus on the goods they sell and the services they offer. They believe branding their business with a story is something only the most prominent brands do. It is crucial to find and depict the motivation behind what you do. Dedicate your time and resources to solidify your brand’s story. The impactful and interesting details are what separates the best brand from all the others.

One way to do this is to dedicate resources to clarify the brand’s backstory for your audience. Personalize the traditional “About Us” page with real, touching stories about your brand’s makeup and history. Use pictures, header images, landing pages, and videos about the brand. Let your audience feel like they are a part of the journey, and they will become a part of it.

Another way to strengthen your brand story is to create separate content to market your mission to your customers. This content could take the form of a video, anecdotes, or a separate page on your website. This approach builds trust with your customers.

2. Merge Customer and Brand Values in Buyer Persona

A buyer persona is the portrayed representation of your brand’s ideal customer. The persona communicates the values and interests of your brand to the customers that relate with it. Beyond developing the picture of your target customer, a persona reflects values. The values that you focus on show the aspect of your content marketing that you prioritize.

Develop your persona to depict the values of your brand and your customers. While this might appear to be a tasking ordeal, it is achievable. One way to do this is to research your customers’ values through your social media accounts. Explore their content and interests. Spot the followers that are relevant to your business. If you have a lot of followers that don’t patronize you, find out if your content is relevant to your company’s vision and to them.

A survey is also a brilliant way of narrowing down your customers’ values. Create a survey that allows existing customers to give feedback about past services rendered. They can also answer questions about their interests, values, and the sort of service they want from your brand.

Armed with the necessary information, reevaluate your brand persona. Ensure this persona reflects your values and those of your customers. The raw data you have collected from your research and survey provides the background to develop your brand persona. Note that you should reevaluate your brand persona every year. This approach allows it to stay relevant to both your customers and your business.

3. Show off your Commitment to your Vision

When a brand is committed to its values, it shows. Nike, Apple, Coca-Cola, and other giant brands did not make a name for themselves by changing their core values. Content marketing for your brand ought to center around your vision and mission. Let your customers and audience know that your vision is important.

Humanize your company’s values by developing content that exhibits your company culture, employees, and success stories. This adds a different dimension to your brand’s marketing by making your content relatable. Employing this tactic strengthens your brand’s outlook beyond business alone.

You can also create a communication channel that engages your customers. You do this by showcasing real-time content that captures your audience. The captivating content can be tailored to focus on the vision of the brand. Use your social media to push out content that reveals your true values.

4. Develop Content in Line with Your Vision

This point encompasses every other content marketing tactic we’ve already discussed. Every content you put out there should tally with your vision. In the bid to strengthen your story, do not use content that focuses on past experiences, and leaves out core values. When developing your brand persona, be sure to match your content with values that encompass the customers and your brand. Parade your commitment to your brand’s vision through content that focuses on the perfect examples.

While it can be easy to develop content outside of your vision, it should not be encouraged. As tempting as it can be to feed your customers with flimsy content, it is not the best long term option. Work at building your brand with content that portrays what you stand for. This will require extra expenses and brainstorming sessions. However, having your own perfectly tailored content is worth it.

Wrapping Up

Leverage the brand’s vision to sell your business. A consistent storyline attracts lifelong customers and employees that share the same values as you. When you sell your brand’s vision well, you can create a niche for your brand that’s primarily known to you. The company’s vision and mission is a foundational part of your brand. They should contribute to the development of the brand. Strong brand awareness is required to single out your brand is a cluttered world.


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