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How to Develop a Brand Podcast People Want to Hear

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Content marketing in 2020 will take up a new face. With more brands springing up daily, an essential tool in growing a brand is knowing how to develop a podcast that people want to listen to. Many podcasts do not attract the right audience or enough listeners, but yours can be different. Here are steps to take to make people want to listen to your podcast.

Step 1: Have a plan and get started

Don’t just sit and watch your competitors create great podcasts. If you want to improve your brand’s content marketing techniques in 2020, then get on with it and draw up a plan for your podcast. First, you must understand why you are starting one. Your objective should be clearly written down, so you will know when you go off the track. Whatever your personal goals may be, remember that the ultimate objective is to make people want to listen to it. Once you have your plan sorted out, do some research to see if there are podcasts like yours. Go through a couple of your competitors’ and think of the things that you can infuse to make yours better. Since the entire podcast is only an idea at this point, think of a proper name to give it. You should use something that will rank highly in searches, catchy, and easy to remember as your podcast name.

Step 2: Get the right equipment

Nobody likes a podcast with a bad sound. Even if your content is excellent, people will not want to listen to it until you fix it, and use quality equipment. Invest in some quality microphones, software, and speakers. Don’t overlook a sound software when getting your equipment. They will make your podcast sound professional.

You don’t need to have a background in audio editing or recording to get the right equipment. More content marketing equipment for podcasts will be developed in 2020. In the meantime, get your hands on the best grade available.

Step 3: Make excellent content on your podcast

People listen to podcasts because they want to learn something new or see things from a different angle. Nothing attracts an audience more than a confident and knowledgeable speaker. So, don’t put out content that you are not familiar with. If you do, you will sound very unprofessional and discourage people from listening to your podcast. To avoid the embarrassment, research the topic you want to talk about extensively. You can also record yourself severally to know where you are missing the spark people need.

Step 4: Know and engage your audience

Podcasts are for your audience to listen and enjoy. Therefore, you should know who your target audience is and what they want from the podcast. The common practice is to target a group of people to gain loyal fans and listeners. Having an idea of what people want will help you in deciding the tone, style, and vocabulary to use in your podcast.

The second thing is to make your podcast enjoyable, even if you are talking about a serious topic. Don’t just load your audience with information throughout the podcast. Ask questions that will spark their curiosity and make them want to listen more. The length of the podcast is also another thing to watch out for when developing a brand podcast that people will want to listen to. Content marketing in 2020, especially podcasts, will not leave room for unnecessary points, but should not be too short either. If your podcast is too long, people will get bored after a few minutes. Getting the balance might be a bit difficult, but the average length should be between 15 to 30 minutes.

Step 5: Practice

If it’s your first time developing a brand podcast, then you will likely make a couple of mistakes. The truth is, even the experienced people do. Listeners can sense emotions in voices, and a timid presenter will likely turn them away. To tackle this problem, practice a lot. It may take a couple of hours, weeks, or even months. If you get a lot of practice hours, you will be more confident when it is time to make the podcast.

Step 6: Don’t stop improving your podcast

Launching your brand’s podcast is not the end of the process. Having a few loyal fans also doesn’t mean you should slow down for a second. If you look closely, you will see that there are many ways you can improve your brand podcast and attract more listeners. Always challenge yourself to do better in your podcasts.


Brand podcasts will definitely be one of the most useful content marketing tools in 2020. But creating an engaging podcast that will make people want to listen requires dedication, commitment, and constant improvement. Follow the steps listed above and watch how your loyal fan base increase sporadically.


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