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How to Make the Most of Micro-Moments in Content Marketing Before 2020

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Mobile devices have forever changed the way that consumers connect to and engage with brands and businesses. Think of the last time that you used your smartphone or tablet to perform an action, fulfill a need or make a purchase. That reflexive turn towards technology and momentary dependence on mobile devices creates what is now known as a “micro-moment.” The tips outlined below will help you to take advantage of these micro-moments if you want to take your content marketing in 2020 to a whole new level.

Sign Up for Listings with Popular Data Aggregators

The dissemination of information within popular directories is an efficient operation that can connect your brand to more consumers. However, it is nearly impossible to take advantage of this tool if your business is not listed with some of the most popular data aggregators.

For instance, your brand should already be listed within Yellow Pages and Yelp. A few additional options to consider include LocalEze, Acxiom and Infogroup. Keep your contact information, social media links and other pertinent details up-to-date. Consumers are searching for brands just like yours. If your business information is inaccurate within these data aggregators, though, they will more than likely move on to your competitors.

Enhance the Quality of Your Business Listing

It is easy to set up a free business listing through Google – especially if you just want your business name, address and phone number publicized. However, when developing your micro-moment strategy for content in 2020, you need to boost the quality of your business listing. For instance, make sure that your listing includes the following:

  1. Up-to-date contact information

  2. Description of your business, products and/or services

  3. Payment methods offered to customers

  4. Relevant images and artwork

  5. Hours of operation

  6. Any other pertinent details

You need to have full control over the contact information that is reflected online for your brand. The more control you have over that type of brand transparency, the more control you will have over the standard micro-moment experienced by your target audience.

Focus on the Usefulness and Value of Your Content

As you examine the quality of your content in 2020, make sure you pay close attention to its usefulness and value. Remember that your consumers are looking to spend those micro-moments fulfilling a need, conducting research or taking necessary actions. When you evaluate your existing posts, assess the level of usefulness, relevance and value of each post. This will help you to determine the best approach to take when creating new content in 2020. The key is to build a solid foundation that your customers and clients can trust.

That dependability factor will play an instrumental role in the overall success of your content marketing in 2020. Without it, you are just increasing the chance of them moving on to your competitors to satisfy their needs and meet their expectations.

Test and Check Your Page Loading Speed

Another important part of this process is to test and check your page loading speed. Developing a top-notch strategy for content marketing in 2020 is futile if your page loading times are too high. Chances are that you remember the last time you abandoned a webpage simply because it was taking way too long to finish loading.

A recent report showed that it takes 22 seconds for the average mobile landing page to load. However, the same report also confirmed that 53% of consumers will abandon

a mobile page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Ideally, you want your pages to load completely within 1-3 seconds. Otherwise, you run the risk of boosting your bounce rate and dropping your conversion rate. For instance, you boost the probability of bounce past 120% between the 8- and 10-second mark.

Fortunately, there is a host of tools you can use to check your page loading speed and analyze key areas of improvement to address. For instance, you can use the Google tool PageSpeed Insights to learn more about your page loading than you probably ever realized.

Encourage Your Customers to Post Honest Reviews

Have you used your online reviews and testimonials as content marketing tools? You can learn a lot about your brand’s strengths and weaknesses just by examining honest consumer feedback. Encourage your clients to post honest reviews about your products and services. This will benefit you in several major ways.

For instance, you will know exactly what your customers need – which will allow you to target those areas with your content marketing strategy in 2020. In addition, you will be able to identify key areas of improvement that need to be addressed as quickly as possible. Perhaps there are certain cracks in your business procedures and standard protocol that are causing your efficiency and productivity to leak and drain right out of your brand. Using these resources will help your customer to make the most of the micro-moments that your content marketing strategy creates for them.


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