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Is Refreshing Going to Be Enough For Your Content in 2022?

While it was once appreciated to post new content to your website constantly, it is now not recommended. Of course, you need fresh content here and there, but your focus shouldn't be on pushing out ten blogs a week. With over 31.7 million active blogs and 92% of content marketers using blog posts in their marketing strategy, it's vital not to post stale content. But how does stale content start? By producing mass amounts of blogs that give nothing valuable to the reader. Content relies on valuable information that a reader can take something from it or be persuaded after reading it—not getting bored after 10 seconds and clicking away. So, here's the best advice you can receive for your 2022 content; you need to update it. Yes, it's that easy! You can win a lot more by quickly updating the blogs on your website rather than creating new ones. You wouldn't be alone in this strategy either. Take Neil Patel, for example; for every one blog he makes, his team is updating 20 or more. But, why exactly does this matter? We are here to explain tips on where to start and the type of content expected to rise in 2022.

New Content VS Refreshing Content

While this article focuses on the importance of refreshing content, new content shouldn't be forgotten. When you create new content, you constantly build up your brand and define it through your images, resources, and website. However, once your website is at a steady rate of visitors and you're starting to have too much to look at, that's when it's time to switch your priorities to updating old content rather than just producing new stuff.

When content ages and loses relevance, that leads to a loss in traffic and ultimately a loss in ROI. But if you invest in updating, you can keep the ROI intact. You could even increase your ROI on old pieces if they had higher rankings. You piggyback off that, and the new updates could potentially boost them further.

The smartest move you can make is doing both. Don't leave all your focus to only new content or all your emphasis on refreshing old content. Try to incorporate both to take you a step further in the competitive digital content realm.

Where to Start

So, how and where do you exactly start with this process? Well, it's recommended to have three things ready to go: a team, process, and the necessary tools.

● Team- Updating your current content on your website is a big task. Professional writers can help you sift through and update.

● Process- Find a method that works for you on updating old content. Keep reading to find our recommended one.

● Tools- There are plenty of tools to help you, like Google Analytics, WordPress, etc.

How to Update Content

Not every piece of content you have on your website will benefit from being refreshed. Let’s take a look at the overall recommended process for updating old content.

1.) Step one is analyzing your website's data. You can use a tool to find this, or if you're on WordPress, you can use that way to see metrics on what posts, what posts did well, which didn't. From there, you can decide what should be refreshed and what should be left alone.

2.) Step two is editing wording, typos, or inaccuracies. This is essential in updating content because that's exactly what it is! Unless you are adding new information, you definitely should be fixing any errors. Read through each piece and make changes as you go. Any significant changes that are needed, mark it down and go back to it.

3.) Check for 404 links and make sure any links you may have all go to working pages. You'd be surprised at how many times web pages get taken down. This is also a chance to find updated statistics and information. Things change over time. If your article is from 2015, find new stats from the year you are in or before.

4.) Now it's time for other important updates like your headline, CTA's, images, and overall copy. Read over it and see how out-of-date it is, and make changes as you go. Refresh it with new photos and make it make sense for 2022.

Refreshing content can indeed be easy, and it needs to be done in 2022. Stale and overused content isn't going to give you the outcome you want and need for your website. So it's time to make some changes starting now!


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