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Is Social Media Still Gonna Work For Your Promotion and Sales This Year?

2021 has been a complete game-changer. As more and more people self-isolated and worked from home, zoom calls and webinars became the norm as they pushed aside face-to-face meetings and physical attendance. As people spent more time in front of their computer screens, social media usage saw an unprecedented surge.

According to Statista, Facebook’s active users for 2021 were 2,598 million, followed by Instagram at 1,393 million. Several other social networking platforms rank in between, and Tik Tok is rapidly rising - with 1,000 million users - as younger generations find their ‘place’ there.

There is a lesson to be told here in these staggering numbers: social media is an effective weapon in the arsenal of any content writer.

So, to answer the question: can you still use social media for more clients this year? The answer is YES. And this is why.

Using Social Media for your clients (and even more clients) helps:

● Build Brand Awareness

● Generate Leads

● Meet Your Audience Where They Are

● Foster A Relationship With Your Prospects

● Build Brand Authenticity

● Leverage The Influencers

● Implement Social Listening And Match Tone

Brand Awareness

With paid social media ads, you can bring your brand to the forefront of your ideal buyers’ attention. Across different platforms, you can help your clients tell their stories. Storytelling is crucial and social media will give you the opportunity to showcase not just the product but the philosophy behind it. Marketing is paramount to making your client’s product known, but branding is where you should invest. Social media platforms are ideal when you are trying to show your brand’s story, ensuring that it stands out from the crowd.

Generate Leads

Social media can serve as the platform where meaningful conversations with your ideal buyers can evolve. By fostering engagement with your prospects, you are building your credibility within the industry and generating leads simultaneously.

Meet Your Audience Where They Are

Social media allows you to meet your audience where they are and not where you wish they were. You can meet professionals at LinkedIn if you are looking into B2B marketing. You can meet millennials on Facebook and generation Zs on Instagram. With the rising popularity of Tic Toc, you can even find teenagers where they usually spend most of their time. Just remember that each social platform has its own distinct set of rules, etiquette, posting frequency, and writing style you need to comply with to harness their complete power and reap their rewards.

Foster A Relationship With Your Prospects

Social media platforms can promote and nurture a relationship with your ideal buyers. By opening a channel for two-way communication, you can push your ideal buyers further down the sales funnel. You build a relationship based on trust, and through this interaction, your audience is able to see the human face behind the brand and feel a connection.

Build Brand Authenticity

Social media are a great way to help you build brand authenticity. You can create posts that answer customers’ questions, news posts about the latest industry developments, statistics, and infographics. The brilliance of social media is that you can post almost anything you like. From videos to tutorials, from short TEd-like talks to figures and numbers. A combination of all these, coupled with some skillful persuasive writing, will build brand authenticity and make your client stand out as the industry’s authority and leadership figure.

Leverage The Influencers

Ah! The magic power of influencers! Manage to influence the influencers, and you will have free marketing in your hands. Post a compelling social media ad, and once an influencer shares it, it will become a viral and instant hit in no time. Same with your customers. The more shares you have, the more prospective buyers will rush to follow you. Remember that people are more likely to trust a brand that their friends and relatives are already trusting and sharing on social media.

Implement Social Listening And Match Tone

Social media allows you to implement social listening. It helps you pick up your audience’s emotions, understand their worries and concerns, and figure out their state of mind. This, in turn, allows you to match their tone; to create content directly targeted to appeasing their pain points and helping them find solutions to their problems. Matching your audiences’ tone is crucial when you are trying to push them through the sales funnel, and social media gives you the opportunity to do just that.

To Social Media Or Not To Social Media?

Yes, absolutely yes. Do use social media in 2022 for your clients. Social media platforms are a compelling method to reach your audience and create your brand’s story. If you need help navigating your way through the distinct requirements of each platform, or you need some refreshing ideas on how to harness the power of social media, hop on board our Iris Writing Academy. Why wait? Contact us today.

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