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Look Back 2019: The Best Cinematic Stories Told This Year

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

The cornerstone of cinema is a well-told story – especially when it is based on real life. From a biopic of an internationally-known celebrity to a deeper look into a widely-unknown event in history, there were quite a few cinematic stories that offered some of the best content of 2019. A closer look at some of these titles will provide you with high-quality content creation advice that you can use to become one of the best content creators throughout your market in 2020:

Ford vs Ferrari

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Most Ford Mustang owners and fans already now the name “Carroll Shelby” and the contributions that this racing legend and automobile designer made to the industry. However, the story of his experience with fellow racing legend and auto expert Ken Miles is one that perhaps should have been told on the big screen years ago. Matt Damon and Christian Bale both delivered top-notch performances in their respective roles as Shelby and Miles.

Takeaway Lesson:

With the abundance of movies and action franchises about racing and cars, it could have been very easy to overlook this cinematic story. Ford vs Ferrari proves there is value in doing a little digging to find the treasures that have either been forgotten or overlooked. When thinking of the topics that you will cover in 2020, dig a little deeper within your market to find those Ford vs Ferrari-esque treasures that others may have forgotten or overlooked.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

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Most fans and even critics of the legendary icon Fred Rogers will likely argue that a biopic about Mr. Rogers is long overdue. However, on the same token, this was not a movie that could have been rushed into production or poorly executed. It had to be done with perfection in view – from cast and costume to screenplays and puppets.

With the recent influx of documentaries about the man and his popular TV show, it was finally the perfect time for a biopic and two-time Oscar winner Tom Hanks was undoubtedly the perfect actor to take on the role.

Takeaway Lesson:

Timing is everything when it comes to content posting and promotion. You must focus on pinpointing the near-perfect time for your work – especially if you are targeting time-sensitive issues or topics. Pay close attention to the feedback and overall conversations brewing within your target audience and schedule your best content in 2020 accordingly.


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Another biopic that focused on timing this year was Rocketman, which was based on the legendary musician, singer, and songwriter Elton John. Taron Egerton did an amazing job in his role, but the story of Elton’s personal and professional life (especially the earlier years of his career) spoke volumes to his longtime fans and biggest critics. Even those with limited knowledge about the man behind the music were able to walk away knowing more and appreciating him more than ever after seeing the movie.

Takeaway Lesson: Authenticity is essential when creating quality content. If you want content creation advice to become one of the best content creators in 2020, you should start with authenticity. They could have filmed Taron Egerton simply lip-syncing to Elton John’s voice throughout the musical performances in the movie, but it would have felt like watching karaoke night at a costume party.

Taron Egerton not only had the acting chops, but the singing talents needed to deliver an authentic performance. Are you able to present the same level of authenticity to your audience within your content? The best cinematic content in 2019 focused on authenticity and accuracy when focusing on true stories about real-life icons. You should focus on authenticity and accuracy with each of your posts in the new year.

Honey Boy

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Actor Shia LaBeouf was clearly able to find the silver lining of the dark cloud of his personal and professional life by exposing the light and the dark on his own terms. During his most recent rehab stint, the Transformers franchise star wrote about his troubled past as a child star and what he experienced behind-the-scenes. He embraced the darkness of his highly-publicized downfall as well in the critically-acclaimed Honey Boy. In addition to writing the screenplay and playing a pivotal role in the creative process behind the scenes, LaBeouf played the role of his own father in the actual movie – drawing Oscar buzz for his emotion-stirring performance.

Takeaway Lesson: Your brand and/or industry will encounter negative feedback. It is only a matter of time. It may be self-inflicted – perhaps during a time when you dropped the ball. Or, it may be a pebble dropped in the lake of your industry that created an adverse ripple effect among your audience. Instead of looking for a way to run away from it or pretend that it never happened, find a creative and effective way to embrace it. Showing the vulnerable side of your brand and/or industry within your quality content will boost transparency and engagement. It will remind your audience that your authenticity and honesty remain intact through thick and thin, rain or shine.


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