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Mastering Copy That Converts – Are You Getting it Right?

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Mastering Copy That Converts – Are You Getting it Right?

Maybe you work around the clock to craft, edit, public, repurpose and redistribute first-hand content on a daily basis. Even though you spend a lot of time researching topics, maintaining a solid bond with your audience, and staying active on every imaginable social media platform, you still seem to be a million light years away from achieving your marketing goals for a very simple (and absolutely terrifying) reason: you are having a hard time trying to turn your readers into buyers.

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Steps to Follow to Write Copy That Converts

Why aren’t they biting the hook?

How could you improve your performance, and create reader-oriented, high converting pages that are totally worth the spend? For starters, maybe you should make peace with the fact that your writing still leaves plenty of room for improvement.

Next, you should focus your attention on certain key aspects that may be lowering the overall value of your content, such your voice, writing style, the way in which you respond to the needs and expectations of your readers, the level of quality, newsworthiness and relevancy of the topics you choose to expand on, your posting schedule, and so on.

5 Steps to Take to Write High Converting Copy

What is web copy? Web copy is a powerful tool that you could use to bridge the gap between your readers and your brand. Web copy is the writing that helps you win customers, by presenting your brand, product or service in the most seductive manner, and adding the most compelling calls-to-action.

If you need a little bit of guidance to come up with the best website copy and avoid further mistakes that may impact your writing’s return on investment, here are 5 key steps that you should take to reach your target.

  1. Know Your Niche and Public. To begin with, know and explore the unique particularities of your audience, including what they want to hear from you, where they hang out, what type of products (similar to the ones you’re selling) they usually buy, what makes them add these items to their shopping carts, and how they interact with your brand and your competition.

  2. Write Attention-Grabbing Headlines and Openers. Headlines and openers are the two essential elements that can make your readers stay on your page for a longer while, figure out what you have to say and sell, and maybe even respond to your CTAs by downloading something or making a purchase. Therefore, write high-impact headlines and openers that make a promise and stir the readers; curiosity; don’t forget to keep both elements short, simple and sweet (preferably less than 10 lines before your first subhead, and anywhere from 10 to maximum 20 words in the headline, as Neil Patel suggests)

  3. Always Be Authentic and Helpful. Make no mistake: savvy readers know how to identify and avoid cleverly disguised sales pitches that some businesses are trying to serve as expert advice in articles and blog posts. They also smell fake testimonials from a hundred miles away. Wondering how to write website copy that converts like crazy?Here’s the simplest, foolproof recipe for success. Tell a story. Your story. Make it less about you, and gear it towards the necessities, problems and expectations of your audience. Be vulnerable, be real, be yourself. Most importantly, be genuinely helpful. Use a wide array of tools to identify and explore high-impact topics that may actually interest your readers. Create polls to figure out how they interact with your existing content, and what they actually expect from you.As Jeff Bullas points out, it is extremely important to gain the respect and appreciation of your entire community via your problem-solving attitude. Educate and inform your audience, post web content with a higher practical value-think step-by-step how-to articles and video tutorials, and offer an informed opinion on certain key industry-specific aspects that may be on your readers’ minds for so long.

  4. Incorporate Testimonials, Statistics and Pictures to Create Trust. Don’t forget that people are always skeptical when it comes to ordering a new product online. They want to make sure that you’re going to keep your promises. Help them eliminate their doubts and second-thoughts by building your copy around statistics, high-quality photos highlighting the main attributes of your product, or happy customers who interact with it, and very specific testimonials (sorry, generalities don’t work here) backed by solid data.

  5. Powerful Calls to Action and Reassuring Guarantees. If you feel the needs to go the extra mile to demonstrate that your products are the best, and you, as a merchant/business owner are guided by the best intentions, add guarantees. Make sure your copy includes certain key phrases such as “100% satisfaction, “money back” guarantee or “no spam” guarantee, depending on the type of business that you’re running, and your specific goals.Also, don’t forget to include a powerful call-to-action towards the end of your piece. If possible, use buttons and contrasting colors to highlight your CTAs and boost their visibility. Again, avoid low-value generalities, such as “submit”, “contact us” or “call”, and go for something much more original, explosive and persuasive, in accordance with your brand image and the type of message that you’re trying so send.At the end of the day, by paying more attention to the elements listed above and doing a bit of A/B testing, you could craft and publish copy that converts. If you feel stuck and confused along the road to successful, money-making content creation, don’t hesitate to let a team of experienced writers take charge and help you turn your words of wisdom into pots of gold.

Is your content not converting? We can help. Reach us to Iris Content and get started on great copy that sells.

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Annie has 18 years’ experience as an editor and content creator and manager. With work in television and written media, she has dedicated her past 10 years to learning the ropes of online content creation, from writing to editing, from SEO to content management.

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When it comes time to pick a content provider, a bargain isn’t always the best way to go. Content is more than filler; it’s what draws visitors to your site, but inspired content keeps them there. It keeps them coming back. Content is a relationship. It’s your brand. We get it. Furthermore, we can deliver it. Contact us today for a quote.



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