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So What Do Writers Do And Why Do They Ask for Reasonable Pay?

The stereotypical perception of writers is that we live a bohemian lifestyle and are happy to live off a pittance. While this may be true for some, most of us expect to be compensated for our work. Writers come in all shapes and sizes, including individuals from artistic and professional backgrounds.

Many popular bloggers write because of their experience in a related field. For example, a veterinary nurse might become a blogger within the animal niche. Some people write fiction, and others become technical writers. However, we all do the same thing; create pieces of work to give people information and enjoyment. Writing is a talent, and there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye.

Responsibilities of a Writer

Writers provide information and enjoyment to readers. They work in several settings including newspapers, media agencies, government offices, and many other places. A few writers are contracted to companies, but many offer freelance services. Some people choose a more creative route and become fiction authors. However, becoming a popular author is very rare and there’s a lot of competition.


One of the most important aspects of a writer’s job is conducting research. Writers must understand the topic they’re writing about to create an article or blog. Part of this is finding reputable sources and ensuring they use statistics. Sometimes writers are asked to create a piece about a specific person which means they need to conduct thorough interviews. This is usually done in person, the phone or via the internet. Writers must always ensure they appear credible and as an authority on every topic they write about.


Writers must also analyze information to write about a subject. This means looking at notes, defining what the statistics mean and look at their deeper meaning. They should also be able to think about how this affects individuals on a personal and sociological level.


When writers begin a new project, they should clarify what clients are looking for. This includes word count, keywords and the overall tone of the article. They should also ensure they communicate well with the readers and create content that people will find useful and engaging.

Daily Life as a Writer

Most writers work remotely, so a big part of the role is time management. There are loads of advantages to being your own boss, but some people miss the social interaction of the workplace. It’s also vital that writers are motivated to stick to a schedule and meet their deadlines. Sometimes this means shutting the drapes and ignoring the inviting sunshine!

How Important Are Writers?

The best writers define generations and shape young minds. Harry Potter became a phenomenon that people will remember for the rest of their lives. Stephen King took topics relevant to his time and created a range of fantastic books. Someone wrote the Bible, didn’t they? No books have defined generations like the Bible, the Torah and the Sacred Texts from Buddhism.

Novels don’t just entertain people, they also keep important social issues alive for future generations. To Kill a Mockingbird highlighted the race issues of the 1960s and Holocaust survivors wrote about their experiences. These important novels take us back to those times and ensure that people never forget history.

Writers create scripts for TV and radio, song lyrics, newspaper articles, job postings, and so much more. It’s surprising that writers are asking for reasonable pay. Surely, their pay should reflect the importance of their work. However, statistics from the UK newspaper The Guardian show the reality writers face financially.

Writers Fighting For Reasonable Pay

Many writers find out that when they start their career, they need to accept lower pay until they build up a reputation. However, some of the most successful authors are taking part-time jobs to supplement their income. Many believe that writers have a glamorous lifestyle, but few of us get to sip champagne on the French Riviera. Instead, we face unreasonable deadlines, fierce competition and are lucky to be able to relax with an expensive bottle of wine!

Yes, life as a writer is difficult, but we love what we do. The joy of seeing our words in print could be enough, but it isn’t. Bills, childcare and other daily living expenses mean we need to support ourselves financially, but writers are fighting back. The New York Times published an article about how publishers are paying writers less money. It highlights the many issues publishers are facing, including competing against self-publishing platforms.

The Self-Publishing Pitfall

It sounds ideal, doesn’t it? Write, and self-publish your own book on Amazon without dealing with publishing houses. However, the rise of self-published E-Books has contributed towards writers low royalty rates. We must ask, are the short-term joys of self-publishing worth the long-term effects? According to statistics from The Guardian, the average self-published author makes $1,000 per year. These shocking figures show the harsh reality of self-publishing and highlight why talented writers are losing out on royalties.

Writers Deserve Reasonable Pay

Most forms of entertainment require some form of writing. Whether it’s scripts, radio shows, movies, or YouTube videos, writers are central to the process. It’s likely that if the situation doesn’t improve, writers will turn away from their craft in search of higher paying jobs. We must consider the impact of a world without entertainment and think about ways to ensure writers receive what they deserve.

If self-publishing is part of the future, then readers should support the authors that offer them great works of literature. Many people think they can write, but only a few self-published books have real quality. The Hollywood Writers Strike changed the face of Television and actors supported writers in their bid for better pay. Publishers should support their writers and work with them to save the craft that has provided so much entertainment for centuries.

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