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The Best Content Blogs in Travel and Hospitality

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

A lot is happening in the travel and hospitality industry and consumers stand to benefit the most from an evolving sector that prioritizes speed, convenience, and personalization. This is good news for consumers, but not so good for managers and business owners in the sector.

With constant change and innovation, it’s getting difficult for service providers in the travel and hospitality industry to stay relevant. And since falling behind means losing revenue and customers, the importance of reading blogs to stay in touch with the latest news, innovations, and management practices can never be overlooked. The problem is, not all blogs are credible, and you need to be selective with what you read.

Here are seven travel and hospitality content blogs to get the best of content in 2019:

1. BizBash

Events are a key source of revenue for service providers in the travel and hospitality sector. Bizbash is one of the best blogs to find the latest news, ideas, and event planning resources. Each month, hundreds of thousands of users scour BizBash to discover venues, event styles, technology, and tools for their upcoming events.

The blog also lists up and coming events in various categories, with coverage ranging from trade shows and fundraisers to award shows and more. With hundreds of events, destinations, and brands listed in their catalog, you’ll certainly find something or someone to help make your next event successful.

2. HospitalityNet

HospitalityNet is another blog every service provider in the hospitality and travel industry should add to their browser bookmarks. It covers a variety of topics and provides valuable resources such as technology updates, white papers, industry highlights, schools, webinars, upcoming events, and much more.

It’s a great blog to help you stay in touch with what’s happening in the hospitality industry on a global scale.

3. Hotel Speak

Hotel Speak specializes in online marketing, digital attraction initiatives, and luxury catering. From mobile how-to articles to automated checking-in guides, Hotel Speak provides actionable insights to help hoteliers and hotel marketing teams grow their business. The blog also features upcoming travel/hotel marketing events from around the globe.

4. Hospitality Times

Guided by the principle of relevancy, Hospitality Times is another blog worthy of your attention. Articles here focus on news, emerging trends, and the latest technology in the industry, and how service providers can leverage them to create value for customers and grow their businesses. Much more than a marketing blog, Hospitality Times easily qualifies as a constant business companion.

5. Tnooz

Tnooz provides in-depth coverage of transportation news, social media innovation, hospitality marketing, and business news in general. Drawing from sites such as TripAdvisor and FastPayHotels, this blog is an excellent catalog of industry insights, articles, and emerging trends. The fact that their content is organized into various categories is also a big plus, as it makes it easier to locate articles that address your specific problem.

6. E-Marketing Associates

E-Marketing Associates is a firm that provides digital marketing solutions to hotels. Beyond that, they educate their target clients with free information on best marketing practices through their blog. Their tips are actionable and focus on helping hotels market their services on online platforms such as Google, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Unlike many of the hospitality blogs that only focus on news and emerging trend, the e-marketing blog gives you tried-and-tested tips that’ll add value to your travel website and marketing initiatives.

7. Boutique Hotel News

International Hospitality Media’s Boutique Hotel News is a must-follow blog for those in the boutique hotel sector. This website features international and domestic boutique hoteliers and provides insights that will completely change your perspective on what’s possible in this fast-growing space. The site is frequently updated with varying travel content types and formats, including videos, supplier guides, Q&As, case studies, reports, and more.

The Best Content Blogs in Travel and Hospitality: The Takeaway

For both novice and seasoned professionals in the travel and hospitality industry, these seven blogs are worth bookmarking. They’ll provide you with a click-away solution for discovering new information in the sector so you can position your business to exploit emerging opportunities and outdo the competition.

With your information sources at hand, what follows is finding ways to leverage what you learn to stay ahead of the game. The travel and hospitality industry is all about enhancing customer experiences, and that begins with collecting the right information and using it to create unique value. If you do that, you’ll be surprised at how easy it will become to market your business—both offline and online.


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