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The Best Content Marketers of 2019 (And the Lessons We Can Learn From Them)

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

2019 has been a crazy year – from extreme music videos, to blog posts, to movies, the content released has been anything but ordinary – and thus have emerged some of the best content marketers of this day and age.

If you’re striving to better your content (and let’s be honest – who isn’t?) the first step is observing and noting what has already worked for existing brands. Whether in your market or not, these principles can be applied to a variety of content themes and will doubtlessly

bring in a larger audience and more people with whom to engage. We’ve compiled a list of the best content marketers of 2019, as well as the lessons that can be taken from each of them, to give you a leg up on your own content marketing strategies. Excited to try one of these tips out? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Taylor Swift. Love her or hate her, Taylor Swift has been one of the most renowned musicians of our time for many years – as well as an excellent content promoter. Her songs succeed not only because of their catchy tunes and amazing lyrics, but because of her enormous platform and fantastic ability to market her work – a truly extraordinary talent, as proven by her sales records. Taylor is known for being candid and honest with her fans, which has built trust between herself and her empire. She markets her work by marketing the love of creativity and women’s empowerment, which almost all girls and women can relate to – giving her an enormous platform that loves all her content and is ready to do the promotion for her! The lesson in this? Being candid with your audience as a content producer, and marketing things your audience truly cares about – even if some may disagree – are excellent ways to gain traction in the content world. Never be afraid to be yourself – your audience is reading your content because it is unique, not because it’s like everyone else’s!

  2. Gillette. With their “Do Better” ad, Gillette captured the attention of thousands – not only their normal audience, comprised of shaving men, but boys, women, and nearly everyone else – all because they dared to make a controversial political statement relating to their product’s target market. While their ad was well-received by some and called horrible by others, everyone was talking about Gillette, one way or another – making such a move a genius marketing strategy, as well as giving Gillette a spot in the list of the top content marketers of 2019. The lesson here? Don’t be afraid to be (respectfully) controversial. Get people talking, and you’re halfway there!

Ivory Ella. Ivory Ella, a clothing retail company benefiting elephants, achieved success several years ago, selling out their first order in seventeen minutes. (Amazing, but true!) However, they are still going strong, launching new products all the time, thanks to their excellent marketing skills in photography, copy, and blog posts. Ivory Ella gains most of its customers from social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and drives traffic to their online shop by posting engaging content for their audience – content that makes their audience want to support their cause! From meaningful photos and copy relating to elephants and their fight against poachers and other threats, to posts about feeling great in your own skin, Ivory Ella has claimed its spot as a top content marketer of 2019 for recognizing what its audience wants (a way to help cute, endangered animals) and giving it to them (through a fashionable clothing line!) Not only does Ivory Ella deliver cute clothes, but extracts all the guilt from the customers purchasing it – no need to feel bad about spending money to save an endangered species!

While these are arguably some of the best content marketers of 2019, there are hundreds of other creative marketing geniuses – all with their own lessons to teach and be applied to our own content marketing ventures!

Are you ready to try out any of these tips – from making a controversial statement, to giving your audience a noble cause to support? If so, comment down below. After all, the world of content marketing is ever-growing, meaning there is always room for a new, amazing marketer to come in and sweep the scene. That could be you – just apply these tips, as well as your own ideas, and watch your audience grow exponentially. Marketing, after all, is an art – and today is your day to master it.


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