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The Best Niche Blogs of 2019 And How They Changed The Way We Look at Content

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

When internet access for the public took off in the ’90s, blogging has become a mainstay of online consumption. Of course, in the beginning, it wasn’t called blogging, as most people had a personal homepage that they used as a platform to get out their message, it wasn’t long before readers flocked to these sites.

It didn’t matter if the site catered to its audience as an “official” news source or if it was just commenting on the latest tech trends.

Every year more blogs are being started and as with everything, the content that is being delivered is evolving with the trends of the time. Content writing in 2020 is sure to adapt to the markets and we’re going to look at some of the bloggers that will be leading the way.

Some of the blogs over the years have been lost to the ether of the internet, but many continue to develop and expand, acting as a business for some or just as a hobby for others. These survivors know how to adapt to their readers and have continued to bring the best content in 2019.

Best 2019 Tech-based Blog

One of the most popular categories of blogging definitely has to be in the tech sphere. While the tech space isn’t a new subject, it has the added benefit of always having something new to report on. With the amount of tech that is exponentially coming out, it’s easy to find a voice that will resonate with you, as any tech enthusiast just needs to claim a small segment and brand it with their personality.

However, if you’re looking for one of the best tech blogs to see how they are approaching content in 2020, you’ll want to check out TechCrunch. While it does have its competitors such as Engadget and Gizmodo, TechCrunch has set itself apart as a credible news source, comparable to established journalistic entities like CNN.

What Sets TechCrunch Apart?

TechCrunch may have started simply as a blog, it has grown past that definition. The site takes an aggressive journalist approach when it comes to reporting the latest technologies. This has garnered it with more than 50,000 active users. Couple that with their effort to elevate their content by adopting new web formats, implementing video, and offering up “Crunch Base,” a database of tech startups.

Best 2019 Savings-based Blog

Saving-focused blogs have blossomed within the financial blog space in the past few years. While it could be due to the state of the world’s economy or just a general shift in what the newer generations value, becoming frugal is making its way to the forefront of readers’ minds. New savings blogs are popping up every day and content writing in 2020 is sure to reflect how people are searching for tips to manage their finances better.

One of the larger savings-based blogs that have made an impact in the finance circles and will continue to do so with its content in 2020 is MoneyMagpie. MoneyMagpie was created by Jasmine Birtles, a UK financial personality. The site itself is targeted towards those looking for self-help when putting their finances in order and are looking “for a richer life”.

What Sets MoneyMagpie Apart?

MoneyMagpie has done an excellent job setting itself apart by offering practical advice in an easy to digest manner. They also supplement their content with giveaways, eBooks, and videos on ways to earn money and save wisely. With this formula, they’ve been able to provide some of the best content in 2019.

Best 2019 Parenting-based Blog

One of the most sought after subjects in human existence is most likely on parenting. The sub-genres that have branched out are as numerous as there are people. Whether you’re a single mom, divorced dad with three daughters, a single mom living with a divorced dad with three daughters, you can be sure that there is a blog targeted towards you. It doesn’t matter if it’s a mommy blog, dad’s only blog, or just a general parenting blog, each one is there to share the author’s experience in the joys and pitfalls of parenthood.

One of the most interesting takes we found in the parenting-blog sphere is  Mrs. Mommy. M.D. Jasmine Johnson used her blog to record her experience as a mother of two and her journey through medical school and then life as a doctor (Former OB-GYN resident, now Maternal-Fetal medicine Fellow).

What Sets Mrs. Mommy. M.D. Apart?

Jasmine Johnson’s testimonial on her blog page has differentiated herself from the pack. When she writes, she writes with encouragement as she relates to her background of being a black, female doctor that is making her own space in an industry that underrepresented with other black females. If you’re looking for engaging parental content in 2020, you should check her blog out.

Best 2019 Minimalist-based Blog

Minimalism has become an increasingly popular trend in the blogging world. Much like savings-based blogs, this could be due to global economics or just the natural tendencies of every newer generation rebelling against the older ones. You may not be aware that minimalism is more than empty spaces with less stuff, however, there is an entire philosophical mindset that people like to attribute to minimalism. While owning fewer things is a large portion of the mindset, it can extend further to incorporate every aspect of your life. It can be applied to your finances and minimizing any debt you may think about incurring, or it can apply to the relationships that you foster in your life. The concept behind minimalism is to only retain what adds value to your life.

A blogger that stood out by giving value and will most likely continue to give value with his content writing in 2020 is Joshua Becker. Joshua Becker started Becoming Minimalist, a minimalist blog that tries to show the positive impact of owning fewer things. He has written four books on minimalism and intentional living, and his blog showcases his experiences and the benefits he’s reaped by becoming a minimalist.

What Sets Becoming Minimalist Apart?

Joshua Becker has done a wonderful job addressing more than simplifying the products and possessions in your life, he’s also written about applying a minimalist mindset to every aspect of your life.


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