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The Best Trends in Content Marketing We Have All Loved in 2019

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Some trends come and go, leaving no trace behind them, while other trends stay a little bit longer in our hearts. Content marketing is constantly evolving and improving. Most marketers do not just set and forget it. They gather data which allows them to improve existing campaigns, and kill other campaigns that are not working well. So what happened in 2019? Let’s take a look back at the best content trends in 2019!

1.Personalized Content Marketing

As customers are becoming more sophisticated, companies need to find new ways to communicate with them in an impactful manner. This is where personalization comes in, and we have seen it become a serious trend in 2019. Personalized content will remain a strong contender for the best content trends for 2020. Data supports that personalized content helps companies stand out from competitors, resulting in a healthy 20% increase in sales. Forrester reported that 92% of marketers are seeing a noteworthy increase in personalized marketing content. The reality is that we all prefer getting an email starting with ‘Dear insert your name here’ than ‘Dear Member’, right?

Personalization does not stop there. When companies use personalization correctly, they can use data to help their clients to make a buying decision. One of the best examples of personalized content marketing is Netflix. If you are a customer of Netflix you know how they use their technology to help narrow down what you might want to watch next.

2. Companies Started Exploring Niche Content

Content is king, and it is no longer a secret. This has caused major saturation in certain types of content, making it harder for it to bring results for companies. To solve this issue, companies started publishing niche content to stand out. Niche content also allows them to focus on a specific type of buyer, and convert that buyer faster. How do companies do that? Let’s take for example a company that sells investment plans. Instead of keeping their ads general, they can go niche by publishing content on how their investment plans can help people save for home renovations. Many products and services have been combined with niche industries to help elevate their content.

3. Voice Became a Priority

Voice was one of the biggest trends in 2019, and it will continue to dominate as one of the best content trends in 2020. Screenless search is super convenient for humans. As we walk around our house we ask Alexa to tell us the weather, find a recipe, and go over the morning news. According to 99firms, screenless content search now accounts for 20% of all searches. The trend will continue to grow, perhaps faster than any other trend, with Google predicting that 50% of all searches will be based on voice by 2020.

This particular trend has pushed content to become more simple and follow basic conversational tones. Voice search is very important for all companies to adapt to because not only it is getting bigger with each year, it also is highly effective in upgrading the buyer’s journey and generating more leads.

4. Content Got Really Interesting

Companies realized that they can’t just keep sharing content about their products or services. They saw their users get bored, and their web traffic dropping. With this, came the revolution of diversified content. Content is no longer just text, but it now includes infographics, videos, images, graphs, and podcasts.

Video content is growing extremely fast, and many companies are investing heavily in video. Infographics have been quite the surprise in 2019 as well. Infographics are responsible for 37% of the visuals used in content!

Companies also started branching out and using content to entertain their client base. Such content takes the form of behind the scenes video or images, funny testimonials, educational podcasts, and guest articles on their blogs. They ask their clients to share their stories, and they run fun, engaging competitions featuring their products. Also, content has been forced to become more transparent and authentic. All these content trends will continue to dominate as the best content trends in 2020.

5. Influencers Are Taking Over

The phenomenon of influencer marketing is no longer a phenomenon, but a strong trend! These guys are now in a position to drive the demand for a product or a service with a simple video. There are many reasons why influencer content marketing is a huge trend, but perhaps the most important reason is trust. Influencers spend their days building followers, conversing with them and developing relationships. They made the process fun and engaging, and as society is pushing us to disengage from our friends and family, we turn to influencers for opinions and suggestions.

The psychology behind this is really simple. if a company tells you their product is amazing, you don’t believe them. If your friends say it, sometimes you might, and other times you won’t (depending on how high you regard your friends’ opinions). But when an influencer with millions of followers tells you that this eye show is a must-have, you will buy the eye shadow. Influencers do not need to be huge to make a difference, as many companies are now adapting their campaigns targeting micro-influencers and niche-influencers. The ROI using influencers is also amazing, and yes this is a trend we have all loved in 2019.


We have all fell in love with personalization, although we did fight it when it first came out, and we have all fell in love with diversified content, voice, and influencers. But let’s not forget chatbots and user-generated content! These trends are not 2019, but will continue to grow and evolve in 2020! Are you ready for more fun content trends in 2020?

What do you think will be the next big thing?


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