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The Best WOW Moments in Content in 2019

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

2019 has been a media whirlwind, to say the least. From blogs, to commercials, to news articles, content has been coming out faster than ever – and there were bound to be several “wow” moments in the frenzy.

We’ve compiled a list of the best/most shocking moments in content in 2019 to inspire your next piece – whether you want to leave a lasting impression or get people talking.

Gillette’s “We Believe” commercial. The Gillette commercial kicks off this list for its boldness and eagerness to make a statement – a statement bound to be controversial.

Urging men to “do better,” many (especially women) appreciated its call to action, while many men felt betrayed and appalled by their favorite razor brand. Males who had always conducted themselves respectfully felt stereotyped, while women applauded Gillette’s willingness to tackle such a political and controversial issue. Regardless, everyone was talking about Gillette for weeks – going to show that the courage to tackle a major issue can result in serious exposure.

Nike’s “Dream Crazier” commercial. Nike has always been known for motivating, off-the-charts ads, but “Dream Crazier,” like the Gillette ad, tackled a current issue – women’s oppression in sports. The ad urges women who are called “crazy” for showing emotion during sporting events to take the insult in stride and use it to fuel their fire. “Show them what crazy can do,” the narrator, Serena Williams, says. This ad was special because it did not shy away from the current issues plaguing women in athletics, and instead tackled it head on – starting conversations and earning Nike a lot of respect from males and females alike. Like the Gillette ad, this commercial shows that making a bold statement that resonates with a wide audience can make all the difference.‘

This blog post from Mixed Makeup about Kylie Skin products. Kylie Skin, a face care line launched by business mogul Kylie Jenner, took the cosmetic world by storm. Fans were eager to try her products, but wary of buying skin products that wouldn’t really work just for the name. Mixed Makeup decided to offer a truthful review of Kylie Skin products, detailing each product, its price, and whether they recommend using it or steering clear to save money. The blog post received a lot of positive attention because it offered readers something of extreme value – an honest opinion about a popular product that could potentially save them time, stress, and money. This post goes to show that offering true value to your readers is an excellent way to gather attention and respect as a content writer.

This Cosmopolitan article detailing the reason why Liam Hemsworth divorced Miley Cyrus. Liam and Miley’s split broke hearts all over the world because of their long and seemingly perfect relationship, starting on the set of “The Last Song” movie, where each of them starred. Miley Cyrus appeared to have moved on quickly following their undocumented split, kissing Kaitlynn Carter – and seeing those photos made Liam decide to officially file for divorce. This article spread like wildfire because it answered a burning question that had left so many Cyrus fans in shock – proving that offering real answers and true information to readers will allow them to engage and trust more in your content.

This Pampers Superbowl commercial. Titled “Love the Change,” this commercial relates to new parents in a true and honest way, admitting that parenting can be daunting and overwhelming. Instead of resisting, Pampers urges parents to “love the change,” and all that comes with a new baby – offering parents insight into how they can change their perspective on life with a child. In addition, the commercial keeps the spotlight on dads, too, earning much applause from the male parent population who is so often underrepresented in the media. This commercial, for its honesty, respect for dads, and positive message, gained plenty of traction after airing during the Superbowl. It shows that a combination of representing a population whose voice is not often heard, as well as offering your audience an honest and raw perspective, is a force to be reckoned with.

These 2019 content moments were all amazing in their own way, each seeing wild success after daring to be different than other popular content around them. These examples show that a combination of courage and uniqueness is always a good way to go in the world of content publishing. After all, if your content doesn’t stand out amongst the crowd and make people say “wow,” it will never reach these amazing heights.


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