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The ‘Shazam’ Factor : 6 Ways to Give Your Content Instant Superpowers


Actor Zachary Levi will fly into the world of DC superhero movies this weekend with the release of the highly-anticipated movie Shazam. It seems as if DC has rediscovered a winning formula with its standalone superhero movies – such as Wonder Woman and Aquaman. Only time will tell if Shazam is able to add itself to that list of worldwide box-office hits

Even if it misses the mark, there is still quite a lot that content creators and marketers can learn from Shazam that will have a stronger impact on the quality of their work. Below is a guide to six effective ways that you can give your own content instant superpowers using the same type of “Shazam!” factor used to finally bring this comic book fan favorite to the big screen:

Pay Close Attention to Your Diction

In a way, the power of diction is proven with young Billy in Shazam more than with many other superheroes. How so? To summon the power needed to go from a young boy to an adult superhero, Billy was instructed to say a single word “Shazam.” Within your own content, it is imperative to remember that your words have power, too.

There are certain words or phrases that may attract and build up your readers. On the other hand, you may inadvertently use certain words or phrases to repel or break down your readers. Focus more on how your readers will perceive the words you choose vs the way you felt as you typed them.

Remember that Quality Beats Quantity 100%

The quality of a young boy’s passion to help those in distress accommodated for his lack of age, height and experience when he was chosen to become an instant adult superhero.

The quality of Zachary Levi’s acting chops and versatile range allowed him to secure a leading role in a standalone DC superhero movie.

When it comes to your content, the quantity or size of your work does not have more power than the quality of that work. You can take a 500-word high-quality article and weigh it against a 5,000-word low-quality article. The former will beat the later any day of the week. Always remember that as you work on giving your content the superpowers it needs to save the day for your audience. It worked for Shazam; it will work for you, too.

Embrace the Art of Experiments and Trials

One of the most captivating parts of the promotional trailers and TV spots for Shazam was when he was going through the experimentation phase.The same montage is typically shown in superhero movies that tell the character’s origin story: I just found out that I have superpowers. Now, I must figure out how to use them.

This is usually where the comic relief comes into play as well – especially as you laugh along with the wide variety of epic fails that the new superhero must endure before he or she finally masters their skills.

As a content creator or marketer, you should dive into your own “montage of experiments” as well. Just because you have quality content at your disposal does not mean you have mastered how to mold or market it. You should feel free to experiment with it – taking your skills, structure and strategy through various trials until you find the one that works. When the smoke clears, you may realize your content has more superpowers than you could have ever imagined!

Reach Out to an Expert for Guidance

Young Billy knew some things about being a superhero when he first acquired his superpowers. More importantly, he knew two important points that all content creators should remember:

  1. He did not know everything.

  2. He needed guidance from someone who did.

As soon as Billy discovered his heroic persona, he went to his best friend for guidance. He was the closest thing to a comic book/superhero expert that Billy could access, which made him the ideal solution to fulfill his immediate need for assistance and mentoring.

You will never find someone who knows everything about any given topic – especially during the digital age of viral newsfeeds and social media. Your goal should be to find someone who simply knows more than you do. You can always learn something new: from structure and strategy to topic selection and effective marketing. Do not allow complacency or even egotism to stand in your way of learning how to be a better hero to the people who need you the most: your target audience.

Use Research to Energize Your Content

A component of the guidance & assistance protocol that is frequently overlooked is the need for thorough research. Without quality research to fuel the fire of your content, it will never leave the ground. You may successfully travel from Point A to Point B, but think about how long it will take for you to get to your desired destination (if you manage to get there at all).

When you conduct thorough research, you are giving your content the ability to fly high above the competitors that focus on their own words, thoughts and expressions. You are essentially breaking through the sound barrier – achieving a level of top-notch speed and performance that you would have never done without it.

Make sure that you use and cite the credible work of authoritative sources to prove to your customers, clients and contacts that you are the first-class resource that they need. Otherwise, you will quickly discover that your content is not making the same type of impact that you may imagine it should.

Create an Expansion Plan for Future Installments

You have now created high-quality content that is fully-powered, well-developed and ready to get to work for your brand and business. The question that remains is, “Where do you go from here?”

If Shazam is a commercial success, it will not take very long for DC and Warner Bros to greenlight a follow-up sequel and perhaps a multi-film franchise. However, this will require the writers and directors to go back to the drawing board to identify the next stop for their successful content.

The same principle applies to your content as well. You will eventually strike oil and create the golden nugget of content that will make waves within your target market. It is highly recommended for you to create an expansion plan of sorts that help you to navigate your way through follow-up articles and future installments. Otherwise, your career as a content superhero may turn into the short-lived adventure of a one-hit wonder.


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