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What Does Your Branding Say About Your Goals in 2022?

Branding is vital; without it, how would anyone be aware of what you're trying to put out onto the internet? It not only helps make a memorable impression on consumers, but it tells your company's story and values. The internet is highly competitive, and branding allows you to distinguish yourself from the competition and clarify that what you offer is better than what someone else is offering.

If you have doubts about your brand, perhaps it's time for a rebrand. A recent study conducted by Nielsen found just how effective branded content is. After analyzing 100 pieces of branded content, they found that it drives higher brand recall and lift than pre-roll ads, and consumers view brands more favorably when they enjoy a piece of branded content.

So, branded content works! But what does a specific type of branding say about you and your upcoming content goals for 2022? We will look at the kind of branding that will stand out and what types don't for the new year.

Unique Branding

With billions of internet users and billions of brands, uniqueness in branding is vital to beating the competition. If your product has a generic, inconsistent look, it gives a sense of distrust, which is something you never want in your content or on your website. But if you have a well-designed and unique branding strategy, that'll build trust with your clients.

Think of the branding done by Apple, for example. They use their branding to make consumers feel like they are a better person for having the product. And because of that, look how popular Apple is. You can also take a look at this list for the top brands right now feeling consumer love.

Innovative Branding

A new type of branding may be required for 2022. Why's that? Well, you'll start to see a lot more innovative content popping up. Branding yourself around that new era may be helpful for your 2022 goals.

We are talking about the expected trends by innovative content, including Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Many companies have already started to use this in their content strategy. Take Amazon, for example. When you pick an item, you can use AR to place it in your house and see if that fits for you. Now imagine if Amazon had a commercial that showcases that or incorporated that into their branding. More people who didn't understand it before would now be excited to use that strategy.

Minimal Branding

Now, this is something you should never be doing. Why have a brand and not showcase it? Minimal branding doesn't get your message or product out onto the internet; therefore, no one will know about it. Suppose you feel like you need to start incorporating more branding than do it. Keep reading below for some branding techniques we recommend.

Branding Techniques to Try

So as you can see, branding is essential. If you're still lost, don't worry, we have some top branding techniques you can try out.

● Find an archetype- the concept of archetypes means defining your brand on recognizable characters from famous fables or novels. Many popular brands have used this strategy to make it easier to reach a target audience.

● Recreate your logo- if you have an outdated logo, it may be time to redefine it in a way that fits for 2022.

● Evaluate social media strategy- another vital part of your branding is showcasing it through social media channels. They help you build connections and a community of users around your products and services.

● Create branded content- any photo or video you create should have some scope of your brand's identity in it. Whether that be your values, principles, characters, whatever it may be, utilize it.

Start Strategizing Your Brand

If you couldn't tell already, branding is critical to a strong content and marketing strategy. You need it to tell your story of who you are and capture your audience to spread brand awareness. You will need a clear message, especially in 2022 with the amount of competition out there now. Each brand is competing for its shot to be at the top of its niche. But you can be a step ahead if you apply the techniques above and even by rebranding yourself to focus more on what 2022 is about, which is innovation. That will be the future in digital content in 2022, and if you apply your brand to that, it may just work out in your favor.


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