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Why You Need to Use Reddit in Your Content Strategy

Reddit is by far one of the better possibilities to explore if you are on the search for a new way to market your products or services.

Reddit hosts content that has been produced by a large network of users. Every month, it receives almost 164 million unique visits.

What's the best part?

People on Reddit are far more engaged and interested in your subject than the average social media ad viewer.

Before you make your first move, you should be aware that there is a catch. People who use Reddit are a distinct community. Once they assume you're there for promotional purposes, things can quickly go south.

The same thing will happen if you do not follow "reddiquette."

However, marketers are still able to successfully promote themselves on Reddit. And they are willing to accept the risk and effort because it is worthwhile.

Here are some actionable methods for marketing your business on Reddit and driving targeted traffic to your products and services online.

How Does Reddit Work

Reddit is built on user-generated content that users can upvote or downvote posts. Submissions that receive a large number of upvotes are moved to the Hot page.

This works on both subreddit pages and the main Reddit page. Imagine what would happen if your content made it to the first page. We're talking about a lot of traffic, more followers, and a lot of conversions. You would most certainly need to improve your hosting to keep up with the demand.

One thing to keep in mind with Reddit is that it's massive, and the large mass of submissions makes it much more difficult to stand out. At the same time, this means you have vast brand exposure. There are subreddits for marketing, startups, established companies, marketing content, and a plethora of other topics for promoting services and products.

Who Are Reddit Users

Before you incorporate Reddit into your marketing approach, here's all you need to know about the site's user community:

70% of Reddit news users are male, 59% are between the ages of 18 and 29, and 47% identify as liberal, according to the site (only 13% consider themselves conservative, and 39 % moderate). Reddit users are online practically all of the time, according to 47% of them (compared to 21% of U.S. adults overall.)

If this demographic represents a portion of your target audience, Reddit can be a tremendous asset in elevating your online presence to the next level of success.

Details on Reddit Posting

Users upload two sorts of content on Reddit: links that take viewers to an external website and text postings hosted on Reddit's servers.

If you want to increase your traffic, link posts are the way to go. For your text posts to be successful on Reddit, you must ensure that the content is relevant to the subreddit you are publishing. AskReddit is a popular subreddit where users can ask and answer various questions. As a brand, you should keep an eye on AskReddit. In addition, you can express yourself in your area of expertise.

  • Provide a wealth of informative content that can be used as a resource by users.

  • Include a lot of links to other websites and keep it interesting.

  • Study the successful posts and the method they are using and how they avoided being questioned by the community.

Avoid Getting Banned From the Platform

The Reddit community does not hesitate to ban people who appear to be spammers.

Getting an account banned might not sound as bad since you can create a different account, right?

In some instances entire brands (not accounts) have been banned off Reddit.

This could be a major issue for your brand. There's even a subreddit dedicated to discussing the bans.

Here's what you should do if you don't want to be banned:

  • Never post the same remark to multiple subreddits.

  • Don't just provide links to your website.

  • Do not request upvotes.

  • Stay away from illicit content.

  • Don't disclose anyone's personal information.

  • Don't overpromote yourself or a brand.

  • Provide value to the other members of the community.

That last aspect deserves special attention. Redditors are a distinct breed. They despise being the focus of someone's marketing plan. As a result, they are hypersensitive to any indicators of marketing attempts and detect them immediately.

Reddit users will not hesitate to look through your posting history. They'll go to great efforts to determine whether you're a marketer who solely shares stuff from the company's website.

Create an Authentic Profile

To help build trust between you and the community, you need to ensure that your profile feels and looks like a "normal" person and not a marketing professional.

To help build the trust and the "real person" profile, you will need to provide quality content and links to various quality or authority websites. This way, you will collect a few hundred "karma" points that will support your profile.

Once you have a lot of "karma" points, your profile raises in credibility, and the community begins to see you more favorably. Also, it will help a lot to be more active in move than just one subreddit. Remember, blending and participating is what "real" profiles do.

Use Ads

RedditAds serve as reminders of upcoming events by providing the date and time of the event. Besides this, they include a link to a page dedicated to the event. Users can be kept up to date on happenings directly related to your industry or company by using Reddit ads.

Create a Network

If you have a compelling topic to warrant the creation of many subreddits around it, go ahead and pursue it. Ensure that the names of your subreddits are consistent with one another. Additionally, include a common navigation bar that connects viewers to all of your subreddits. Keep a careful eye on the community and check it for quality - remove any content or photographs that do not adhere to the standards set by the organization.

Use a Calendar

Setting up a calendar is yet another effective method of disseminating information and reminding users of future events relevant to your topic.

This way, you can keep your followers up to date by posting relevant news or creating an event. Also, you can create a goal and then provide regular updates to people on how far you've come in achieving it. The ability to provide timely updates is essential.

In a survey, it was discovered that 78% of Reddit users frequented the site to get their daily news feed.

Final Thoughts

Reddit has massive marketing potential. Use these ten methods to tap into it and enjoy improved brand exposure on a network that attracts millions of consumers each month.

If you play it correctly, you will get many visitors to your website. And cultivate an active community of devoted followers to fuel your brand's engagement.


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