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Why You Shouldn’t Abandon Tried and True Content Strategies

Content marketing is a relentlessly morphing, living and breathing being, which is why it can be challenging to get the exact right content mix. We’ve provided some tips to help you make the best use of your existing resources for content creation in 2019.

Struggling to Achieve Grandiose Storytelling?

You can’t force magic, and what’s more, there is no need to invest all your resources in achieving an enthralling, unforgettable story. Sometimes the simplest, most practical content is the best kind. Practical and boring are two completely different things. Practical content is engaging by default because everyone wants to access useful information.

If your readers are on the prowl for good, old-fashioned information, give it to them. The methods of looking for information (via text or voice commands) may have changed, but people are still searching for info in Google. Google will reward your business with better rankings if you’re consistently delivering helpful and practical content.

Insurance company Travelers’ content hub is full of practical, informative content that’s very relevant to its readers. It features a mix of articles, videos, and interactive tools addressing pertinent issues. There are also step-by-step guides on moving, tips on more specific aspects like moving with a pet, and what to do before, during, and after an earthquake.

The content is not enthralling by any means, but we’re very impressed by the company’s dedication to helping customers solve real problems through its content. This type of marketing helps them create a foundation of trust to improve their interaction with their audience.

Diversify Content Creation in 2019

While creating one single type of content – for example only blog articles – can be effective for a while, it will get old. Your brand’s exposure will start to suffer. Some of your readers may prefer to get information from articles and blog posts, but others will prefer more visuals, such as presentations or videos.

Some people would like to watch a webinar to get info, while others would rather download and read an e-book. You can’t please everyone, but you can try to diversify your content marketing. Aim to repurpose successful content into multiple formats so as many of your followers as possible get your message. If you see an article getting lots of traffic, try transforming it into an infographic or podcast to appeal to audience members who prefer visuals.

General Goals like SEO and Lead Gen Will Still Count

Different brands have different goals, so there are no two exact same content strategies. Despite this fact, general goals like SEO, lead generation, and thought leadership will retain their importance. Starting with that, brands can customize strategies that are specifically aimed at working toward whichever goal they think is the most important. With the great diversity in sales trends, content plays a key role in attracting new users.

Data of the Content Marketing Institute cited by Forbes show that almost two-thirds of the most successful content marketers have a strategy that is well-documented. Talk about sticking to a tried and true strategy! A simple content marketing assessment can tell your brand what your main goal is and help you design a successful strategy for content creation in 2019 to attain it.

Content marketing is maturing, and brands are starting to see their content as more of a means to achieve their specific goals and less as a universal fix. There’s no denying the power of content, but you can’t expect it to solve every business objective you set all on its own.

Leverage Happy Customers

You can use your satisfied customers to increase interest and trust in your brand, and it’s even more useful when those customers are social influencers with thousands of highly motivated and engaged followers themselves.

A telling example is the impressive success of natural product brand Tom’s of Maine’s influencer program. The brand used micro-influencers—social media users with up to 50,000 followers – to increase awareness and engagement across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter a few years ago. However, they didn’t leverage just any influencers. Tom’s looked for users who actually bought and liked their products and influencers who supported the company’s core values, such as sustainability and a healthy lifestyle. Companies that stick to tested approaches invariably get awesome results.

Final Thoughts

There are two dimensions to the relationship between content and success. Just as content can increase conversion, so can it help companies prepare their customers for success. Content shows customers the optimal uses of a brand’s products and services, encouraging them to see more positives than negatives. A tested strategy won’t fail you. Content creation in 2019 is all about growing your brand with strategies that have yielded fruitful outcomes in the past.


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