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Why Your Business Needs Tailor-Made Quality Content in 2020

To create quality content in 2020, you can’t rely on mass production. Personally created, tailor-made content is a must for multiple reasons. For one thing, without it, you risk getting lost in the vast sea of search engine results. Individuality is one key to climbing the rankings and regurgitated words no longer pass the muster among today’s smart search engine algorithms.

Just as importantly, however, mundane mass-market content also fails to demonstrate to potential clients just what makes your business unique. To keep the customers coming back and boost your business, you need to convince people unequivocally that you are one of a kind—and especially suited to help them achieve their goals. Here’s how tailor-made content lets you do that.

Show Off How Unique You Are

Whatever your business is, odds are you aren’t the only such model on the market. To make yours stand out, you need quality tailor-made content that speaks to your unique points. What makes you stand out from the competition? Why are you, irreplaceable? Are there things you can offer that nobody else in your industry can? These are the questions you need to ask when thinking of how to create quality content in 2020.

Take an example: Say you are planning to get a cake for your child’s upcoming birthday party. It’s the big 1-0: Your little one is hitting double digits for the first time, so you want it to be special. There are many bakeries in your town. You visit a few to see what they can offer. Everyone can make cupcakes or a layer cake. Only one of the bakeries you visit boasts the ability to create an ice-cream cake on their advertising banner, however. You’re sold: Uniqueness sells.

Highlight Your Assets

When emphasizing what’s exceptional about your business, personalized content encourages you to focus on your assets. You want to highlight these positive selling points—your unique selling propositions. Key points should be presented in a manner that grabs the reader’s attention and reels in potential clients. This means making the messages clear and easy to understand.

Following the example above, say the bakery with the ice-cream cakes failed to include this detail on their signage. Instead, they simply used some mass-produced banners for generalized bakeries. You would have never known they sold ice-cream cakes—and they wouldn’t have gotten your business. This is a common mistake among business-owners: They want to save money and opt for generalized content, not realizing they are losing potential profits in the process.

Mass-produced content that neglects to address these specific points won’t do your business justice. You don’t want paragraphs written about your one-of-a-kind company that could also be applied to any other company. You want content that has taken your assets into account and presents them in the best light possible, in language that is understandable and to the point.

Reach Your Target Audience

When your content is personalized, it’s more likely to reach the people you actually want it to reach. Ahava Leibtag, President of Aha Media Group, said: “People understand (for the most part) that content needs to build a relationship. People still think going viral is the answer, and it’s not. Your content has to move the needle for YOUR business, not just a vanity metric that doesn’t speak to what you’re really trying to accomplish.”

This quote speaks to the importance of focusing on your target audience. Going viral isn’t going to guarantee great revenue. Reaching the right people, in the right place, at the right time—this is the key to actually seeing turnover. Carefully crafted content that takes into account these three “rights” will find the fourth “right” for you: the right customer. You can create a video that reaches millions, but if your customers aren’t among those millions, your business won’t benefit.

Cater To Diverse Groups

Most business owners agree that one of the secrets to long-term success is getting repeat customers. Once you have your client hooked, you no longer have to continue targeting them with marketing efforts. You can shift to another target audience with freshly made quality content and bring in a whole new market. Again, it’s all about creating original, new content and not recycling old material that will only reach the wrong type of client.

When thinking of a plan for quality content in 2020, consider taking multiple tacks. A single business might cater to more than one target audience. Again, consider the bakery example: A cake shop that caters solely to children’s birthday parties has a very limited niche market. If the same cake shop also focuses its marketing content on wedding cakes, they will see a boom in business (and in a much more lucrative field).

Build A Personal Relationship

Finally, personalized content has the major benefit of coming across as just that: personal. Modern consumers are well acquainted with mass marketing tricks. As mentioned in the quote above, great content needs to build a relationship. A connection is what will move people to actually purchase an item, book a service, or make a deal. Why? It creates trust: 78% of consumers will trust a brand when presented with customized content.

Keep this in mind when structuring your quality content in 2020. What will you offer potential consumers to reach them on a personal level? Is there an emotional tangent you can speak to? Are there human narratives you can share? This is when made-to-measure storytelling often proves to be the most powerful. Address people as individuals to establish this personal aspect.

Establish Your Promise

When you use one-of-a-kind content to promote your business or brand, you are also setting up an important promise to your potential customer: You are invested in the details. You don’t rely on mass production but opt for quality instead. You are implicitly promising that you will take just as much care with the product or service you plan to deliver to them, as you have with your content. Craft custom-made quality content in 2020, and you can make that promise. After that, it’s up to you to deliver on it.


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