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Write For Users, Optimize For Search Engines: Does This Still Work In Today’s Marketing?

Ever since the invention of the internet, the methods through which people go about a lot of things have been transformed. Marketing is, no doubt, one of the sectors in which this transformation has been evident. In the world of today, if you have a business and you want to reach your target audience, content marketing is not a thing to joke with. This is why content creation is the best way to utilize the internet in boosting your business, and content creation tips have to become a part of you.

These tips give you access to where the majority of your customers are – the internet. Some people wonder if content creation is still the king of online marketing. The answer is straightforward. Yes, it is. Content creation is the crux of online marketing in the emerging economy of today. If you want to have a sound market for your business without necessarily increasing your marketing budget, then you have to learn content creation tips by majorly focusing on Search Engine Optimization.

What is SEO?

SEO is a form of content creation that serves the purpose of marketing by operating in two folds. On the one hand, it is creating content to the taste of your customers. This means using promotional words and statements that appeal to their persons. On the other hand, it is the art of infusing targeted keywords into such content. The coming together of these two folds is what gives you SEO-friendly content.

However, if you do not possess the necessary content creation tips, your SEO efforts might not work. Invariably, you may start to wonder about the relevance of SEO is in today’s marketing.

The Influence of Search Engine Optimization

When you type those words in your Google box, and you click search, the set of results you see are brought about by SEO. By creating content with specific keywords, your website, or content which advertises your product or services gets ranked higher than those of your competitors.

Perhaps you do not know, but online buyers do not just jump into the purchase of products or request of services, they start by conducting their research. 88% of shoppers conduct online research before buying. Buyers want to know what they are getting into, and also they want to get their products from the best seller.

So, by using SEO, you would have both created content to promote your product or services, and also you would have infused the keywords that would make your customer-friendly content easily found on the internet.

Why Are Your SEO Efforts Not Working?

Many times when people complain that SEO is not working for them, we have realized that the problem is from their part. People do things that reduce the efficacy of SEO and still blame the fault on SEO. Two essential things you are doing wrongly include:

1. Not creating engaging content

Firstly, as a matter of sound content creation tips, you cannot create the right content without the know-how. Your potential buyers are not interested in reading old stories; they want something new. This is the way to not only attract their presence but also sustain their interest. As such, SEO is not just about stuffing keywords into your content; you have to ensure your content is engaging, interesting, and convincing.

While it is true that SEO mostly involves the use of keywords, it is not to be poorly done. Keywords are to be arranged strategically in your content to achieve the ultimate effect. This would make different sections of your content possible results when someone hits the Google search on your target keywords.

2. Slow website speed

Asides poor content creation and keyword arrangement, another major problem that prevents people from benefiting from SEO is slow website speed. Many human beings naturally have very short attention spans. So, even if your site pops up, but it refuses to load fast, you can lose potential buyers. A study has shown showed that 53% of people would abandon a web page if it refuses to load in 3 seconds.

Several business/brand web pages take so long to fully load thereby pushing their possible buyers or customers away. You then realize that the problem is not really SEO but the surrounding circumstances of your content, your website and several other things you are not looking into.

Wrapping Up

SEO is an important marketing tool which has helped several businesses scale up. Its importance keeps on getting emphasized as the internet keeps on existing and it does not look like it will be irrelevant anytime soon.

Write for users, optimize for search engines: this still works very well in today’s marketing. All you need are good content creation tips. Also, you may need to overhaul your content strategy. At the end of the day, one thing is certain, optimizing content for users still works.


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