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Writing Content for Generation Z Buyers: The Dos and Don’ts

Time flies and the only thing certain in life is “change” itself.

I remember writing for the millennial generation and how to understand their buying behaviors.

Millennials were the most researched generation so far, they are also known as Generation Y.

So far Generation Y was the primary consumer online, so understanding their psychology and buying behavior was setting up companies for long term, sustainable income streams.

Things are now changing, we have Generation Z coming into the picture. They are the most tech savvy creatures that ever existed.

There is a misconception from many brands that Generation Z is still too young to financially afford proper buying power.

However, the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago right?

Just think about it, there is a huge wave of Generation Z that are now graduating from college and are ready to enter the buyers’ market.

Actually by 2020, 40% of all consumers are expected to be Generation Z buyers.

We recommend that all brands and companies begin getting ready for this new wave of new consumers.  It is a good idea to dedicate part of your content marketing guidelines to the upcoming Generation Z.

We compiled a list of Dos and Don’ts to jump start the process for you.

The Average Profile of Generation Z

They wake up and spend the first 15-30 minutes scrolling through their social media to read updates from their friends, comments or general news.

They Snapchat, post a morning pictures on Instagram, tweet out to their audience and check their Facebook page for any notifications before even getting out of bed.

Sometimes the Instagram is done after they are out of bed and the picture is either of a breakfast smoothie or their new work outfit.

They do their makeup by following a tutorial on YouTube and watch videos while they have their breakfast.

They are plugged in.

Generation Z looks for online validation constantly, and this presents an incredible opportunity for any company doing business online.

However, due to the fact that they have grown up being online, they are selective and average marketing techniques rarely work on them.

They rely on influencers, the same way previous generations relied on recommendations from friends.

Here are some important rules to keep in mind about Generation Z:

  1. 55% choose eco-friendly brands and products.

  2. 53% look for a brand they can personally connect with

  3. 60% look for brands that values their opinion (surveys, online chatting and feedback are all smart ways to get this started)

  4. 54% look for the way a brand is trying to approach them, they do not like generic and safe

What are the “Dos” for Generation Z?

1. Good Deeds

Show social responsibility.

Pick something a cause and support it. Anything from healthcare to environmental issues.

Dedicate a portion of your website and part of your social media content in bringing awareness about the cause. Generation Z is all about impact.

Here are some examples of causes you can support:

  1. International or local education initiatives

  2. International or local health related charities

  3. Sponsor a different cause every month

  4. Sponsor a particular child or family through hard times

  5. International or local environmental causes

  6. Sponsor a scholarship fund

Did you know that 60% of Generation states that they want to make an impact on the world (compared to only 30% of the Millennial Generation)?

2. Stay Up to Date

As already mentioned Generation Z is extremely tech savvy.

They do everything online, they build relationships online, they use the web for entertainment, they shop, and even educate themselves online.

These guys will notice if your website and social media are outdated.

Make sure you have good UX designers on board so you can continue to upgrade the look of your website.

Also do splurge on your social media management. Z’s will check your social presence before making a final decision on your brand.

You need to have a seamless, professional look. They are well aware of scams and even the slightest doubt will push them away and into the hands of a competitor.

3. Use Influencers and Micro Influencers

At the beginning you might not afford the big guys with the million followers.

However, you can begin approaching micro-influencers who truly engage with their crowd.

4. Understand their Motives and Psychology

Did you know that 74% of Generation Z wants to open their own business?

They are focused on determination and pushing the boundaries.

Here you have an opportunity to build in your content marketing guidelines some rules regarding your message and content.

Make sure whatever you are publishing out there somehow motivates and educated them.

This way you will connect faster.

5. Get to the Point

These guys waste no time!

They are overwhelmed with information and choices, which means initially you only get max 8 seconds to make an impression.

So make sure your message / ad / content / designs do the work in a fast efficient manner.

What are the “Don’ts” for Generation Z?

1. Do not Give Ultimatums

Generation Z does not respond to “Just for Today” or “24 Hours Left” type of marketing.

They do not do ultimatums.

They prefer reward programs and loyalty programs so you can focus on that.

2. Do not Be Boring

Do not share the same content across all social media platforms.

Instead, build a story and spread it across all your social media. Give them a reason to stay engaged and be part of all your platforms. This will take some exceptional monthly planning and strong content management guidelines.

3. Do Not Get Political

Even if your intentions are good, making the slightest wrong move can be detrimental to your brand.

Since everything is moving at the speed of light, you are literally given no time to correct errors. Someone always snaps pictures or shares the content before you have an opportunity to correct it.

Therefore, build clean content marketing guidelines that avoid controversy and strong opinions.


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