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Written Content Dead? Here’s Why You Should Create Even More in 2020

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Because a new year is almost three months away, what would you think about a preview on content marketing in 2020? The digital age has truly transformed the way people receive information day after day. Nowadays, an increasing number of people seem to enjoy videos and graphics more than the written word. A variety of studies and statistics prove this to be true. More than 1 billion hours are spent daily watching YouTube videos. Another study shows that infographics are shared three times more than any other type of visual content on social media, according to HubSpot.

Does this mean that written content is dead? Will it still play a key role in content marketing in 2020? Here are several reasons why you should create even more written content in 2020 than ever before:

Organic Exposure Feeds Off of Written Content

With each new page of written content that you create, you boost the chances of your target audience finding and engaging with your online presence. The key is to make sure that you create valuable content – just not keyword-stuffed fluff that does not directly educate and engage your audience. Writing about your products and services will only take you but so far in this regard. However, creating useful and relevant content that establishes your brand as a trustworthy expert in your field can go a long way.

Written Content Paves the Way for Mobile Traffic

Studies show that an alarming number of people use their mobile devices to access online content instead of a desktop or laptop computer. Chances are that you are one of them. Perhaps you have are even reading this article right now on a tablet or cell phone. One study shows that direct mobile traffic leading to websites has increased by 30% in recent years.

When your prospective customers and clients use their mobile devices to search for keywords and key phrases related to your market, you want them to be able to find you. To establish a traffic-generating base of content marketing in 2020, written content must be a cornerstone of your strategy.

Built Trustworthy Relationships with Your Target Audience

Another benefit of written content that will make waves in content marketing in 2020 is its practical value in the world of relationship building. Trust is a major factor of working relationships that connect brands and businesses with customers and clients. When you keep your audience informed and engaged, they will begin to trust you as a reliable expert.

According to Reader’s Digest, one survey showed that over 70 percent of consumers are willing to spend more to buy products and services from a trusted brand. While others are dropping their rates to remain competitive, you can use these trustworthy relationships fortified by your written content to keep your costs consistent.

Take Advantage of the Competitive Edge of Written Content

Written content allows you to separate your brand from the competitors who refuse to use this specific platform wisely. If they are too focused on video content, for instance, it is easy to lose the engagement of the audience members that enjoy reading valuable information more than watching it. The most effective content marketers in 2020 will skillfully blend written content, video content and shareable images together with the same strategy – not use one form to replace another. Doing so will maximize your growth potential and give your work a boost in exposure that many of your competitors will miss.

Evergreen Content Works Best in the Written Word

Popular YouTube videos and a lot of other viral videos & images go from overnight sensations to forgotten memories much sooner than their creators would like to admit. Multiple studies show that the lasting value of evergreen content is much higher than the short-term value of “overnight sensations” in the real of viral content. Sure, a spike in content that boosts your views and web visits into the 5-7 figure range would be great and is a dream that all content creators would love to make a reality. However, content marketing in 2020 is going to focus on the long game of content creators.

What will your customers and clients still be searching for 1-2 years from now? It more than likely will not be the popular video of a cat playing the piano that they laughed at and shared last summer. Instead of riding the tidal wave of viral content, you should focus on creating evergreen content that will keep the flow of visits and views running smoothly and steadily over time. Video content is great, but the written word still holds the key to unlock the lasting benefits associated with evergreen content.


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