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SEO and Quality matter. Before we declare a winner, let’s explore SEO and Quality.


What is SEO?


If you are using content online to attract traffic to your website, you absolutely need Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO consists of multiple elements, and having a clear understanding of what these elements are and how to weave them in content is critical for SEO success. SEO is vital because it will increase visibility, leading to increased traffic, more opportunities, and ultimately more conversions. SEO drives curated traffic to your website, which lowers your cost of acquisition (COA).


What is Quality Content?


Quality content is any content that adds value to the reader’s life. While SEO will bring a potential customer to your website, if there is no quality in what you have to say, then you will lose the traffic as fast as you gain it.


Quality content is vital in retaining your customer base and building a trustworthy brand.


Therefore a combination of SEO and Quality is the perfect formula.

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